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Between this and that photo of her at an escape room with a bunch of big name alt-right types, my assessment of Chelsea Manning has gone from unwitting Russian stooge (through Wikileaks) to willing alt-right stooge.

Damnit. Supervisor hadn't gotten back to me, thought I might only need minor changes. Then... sudden phone call. Major issue identified. Can I come into campus right now? Have a feeling I won't be getting much sleep tonight.

So I guess it's time for .

Hi everyone. I'm Liam, a PhD candidate in Consumer Privacy and Associate Lecturer in Marketing at The University of Queensland. I'll be submitting my thesis at the end of the month. I'm a board member of both Electronic Frontiers Australia, and the Australian Privacy Foundation.

I've been active on Twitter for years, and I expect I'll continue to be going forward, but I figured it was about time I saw what all the fuss was about with Mastodon.