Today, African American activist Angela Davis will be awarded the honorary doctoral degree from the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona.

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Often when people want to make their research code open for others to re-use, they apply a creative commons licence.

Awesome, you're off to a great start!

🚨 One hitch: @creativecommons licences aren't designed for code - see

If you used a CC licence for code, don't feel bad!

👉 It's easy to choose an OSI
approved licence - I like:
- to figure out what type of licence I might need
- for easy-to-understand summaries

Mastodon works by aggregating people in distinct servers that are connected in a horizontal network, where people can interact freely.

In research, scientists usually work in research centers and collaborate worldwide in a distributed network.

The two things overlap nicely and could be potentially synergic. If we concentrated our efforts on building a Mastodon instance in every big research institution, we may grow a federated scientific network that is free from commercial apps.

Today I will start with a course I bought online on in . I guess it is one of those situations in which you hear about something that is potentially relevant to your research and you buy a course online to learn how to do that "something" with python.

In its own way, this is so classic bioinformatician...

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Hi folks! My name is Fabio and I am a computational biologist at Pompeu Fabra University (UF) in Barcelona. I am interested in evolutionary genomics, evo-devo, gene rewiring, transposable elements, python and data visualisation.

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