@amatecha This covers just some of the issues I was having getting an updated version of a SSL/TLS library to build and getting latest versions of curl and other programs that use it rebuilt: If anyone else is into building these types of programs and libraries from source and is interested in sharing effort/ideas/patches, it would be great to hear from you.

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@lmemsm @amatecha If you are having issues with updating dependent packages, Guix or Nix might be a good fit. This page even has an SSL example:

I pretty regularly use this feature to build the latest version of some Python libraries that I use, but it's not limited to any specific language.

@csepp Does it work on FreeDOS, Reactos and AIX? I do cross-platform development not just Linux development. I also work with a lot of alternative dependencies. I doubt someone else has created build scripts using them. I have a very good cross-platform package management tool that I'm happy with. Don't plan to switch anytime soon. What I don't have are the patches to get things to build on the platforms I need with the dependencies I have. Thanks.

@lmemsm Oh, so the issue is more with the libraries themselves, not with the tools used to build them or their dependents.

But to answer the question: Nix and its descendants are build systems, not package managers. They can definitely build anything targeting any OS as long as a cross toolchain exists. Running them on a weirder OS might be harder, although anything reasonably close to POSIX shouldn't be too difficult. DOS file name limits might be an issue though.

@lmemsm In this case they might not offer significant immediate benefits, but if you have to work with build systems (and it sounds like you do) then I still recommend checking them out and maybe stealing their core ideas.

@csepp The LibreMiami group does a lot of work with GUIX and they were hosting some talks on it. I really have had not had any problems with build tools/package management that I'm currently using. Works very well. However, I'll go check some of the GUIX and Nix builds and see if they've run into any of the issues I have. It's mainly going to be finding or creating the right patches for the desired dependency choices.

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