Was reading about smartwatches online that track health related information. They collect personal data and they all seem to require some kind of subscription to see your own data. Are there any projects or any projects for monitoring health related information such as sleep cycles, heart rate, etc?

@lmemsm oh and PineTime

I'm wearing a banglejs 2 which is probably why I forgot about the pinetime

@M0YNG @lmemsm I don't know much about all the different devices that track this stuff (though I do have pebbles and a Pinetime). But you can look into Gadgetbridge on android. It has a pretty large and growing list of wearables and smartwatches it works with and cuts the proprietary apps for collecting the data out of the equation.

@lmemsm @humanetech I know that @PINE64 has one:

Although I never tried it, since I‘m having an Apple Watch myself 🙈


gadgetbridge works with a few kinds of sensors without subscriptions

@lmemsm I see that @M0YNG shared info on banglejs and PineTime. I’m glad those exist, but they seem to lack sleep tracking and analysis features.

In terms of commercial products, Garmin watches seem better than others. With Garmin you buy the watch and then it’s yours, and so is the info - no need to pay a monthly subscription fee.

I don’t have a smart watch, but have spent plenty of time reading up on a a ton of different watches.

I hope we will have great FOSS smart watches one day.

Hi @rmgr

there's for desktop that offers similar graphics and reports than trainingpeaks (ex.), you can use it with .fit files from your device.

goldencheetah is overhelming to me, too much information and I'm not a athlete so data oriented to bother on all that info.

I unlinked my garmin account from third-parties as strava :blobCool:​ . Garmin is just enough.

You can use your device without providing your consent to upload your activities to Garmin.

sure, but even basic activities and software uploads are much more convenient if you sync your device with their services.

@KolokokoBird @lmemsm @M0YNG

@KolokokoBird @lmemsm banglejs can do sleep.

What do you mean by "analysis"?

I can see heart rate and steps by the hour and day on the watch, and gadget bridge connects that to my phone.

Plus this is all open so you can connect to the watch from your laptop and download the log files directly.

@M0YNG @lmemsm Some sleep watches seem to assess the wearer’s sleep and give it ratings and interpretations. So more than the raw data, but also an opinion about it.


Yes! I don't know about the capabilites of open hardware (PineTime etc.) but a lot of standard smart watches have alternative apps, at least for Android.

GadgetBridge is FLOSS and a great little app for tracking sleep, heartrate etc. They support a wide range of smart watches, and have the rudimentaries down.

I want O2 measurement as well so I use Notify for Amazefit, fokused on my type of watch. Wider support for a smaller range but closed source and payware.

@lmemsm Of course, the main selling point of Notify for Amazefit it that it's offline and doesn't sync with anything...

@lmemsm I am curious as well!

I have been using my partner's non-paired Apple watch for tracking my runs. While I find the data available interesting (distance, heart rate, average pace, running average pace, ...) it seems you have to pair the watch to see more data or to extract it. I have been thinking of getting my own device, but I would like to be in control of my own data.

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