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ingenious mechanisms

The mastoverse, as part of an assignment for a uni subject. More visualizations soon #gephi #dataviz

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Time to drink a bottle of red and finish off the last three hours of A Journal of the Plague Year by that I'm listening to on

English class started out by the teacher talking about the social significance of sports and now we've been watching three videos of cheese roll montages with the sound off while she reads up the wikipedia page on the event. Good times.

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What kind of people will there be needed on mars? I'm asking as a student who's about to make the jump to university and really wants to end up in space. thanks in advance?

5. A Journal of the Plague Year - also also for school, Daniel Defoe writes about the last great plague of London (1665) from the first person perspective of his uncle Henry Defoe who whitnessed the happening first hand.
6. ‎Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming - Stephen Laberg explains the how-to and know-how of lucid dreaming and the benefits.

currently reading (too much but i don't mind):
1. Borgin: okkar heimkynni (The City: our habitat) - an essay on city planning and trends throughout the 21st century, with an emphasis on Reykjavík.
2. Gödel, Esher, Bach - A book that explores how intelligence arises from unintelligent matter.
3. Egils saga - for school, the story of the viking Egill Skalla-Grímsson written in around 1200 C.E.
4. Stikken - for school also, a danish novel about the danish resistance in rhe second world war.

Hello all! I am a geologist, nowadays working in the oil industry, but also part-time (or as-much-time-as-I-can I should say) in my Ph.D, which is devoted to the investigation of Martian dikes; igneous structures which transport magma from deep within the crust to the surface.

The goal of all this is to complete a career switch, and become a full-time researcher in planetary geology.

With that strange profile, I am looking forward to contribute and engage in the discussion at!

i'm currently at undergraduate level mathematics but i'm looking for resources to strengthen my grip on the subject. I think maths is really fun and I'd like to study it more. Do you guys have any ideas as how i might further my maths skills in my spare time. For example I'd lioe to know proofs. Im thinking of taking Computer Mathematics in University when I finish College in a year. thanks in advance!

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:librarian_hushing: i don't blame people for not talking at the library. i mean whats the use trying to speak over all those screaming books

we should all write lists of all the webcomics, podcasts, blogs and other hard-to-backtrace influential works that have affected us, so as to make life easier for future academics who want to backtrace our general intellectual milieu

Does anybody have some good Q# references? And what are some cool programs you can develop for today?

What does it mean to boost a toot? You make it more visible?

Repeat after me:
Not everyone online is American
Not everyone online is American
Not everyone online is American not even if their English passes for native

So I've been learning trigonometry at school this semester and NO ONE TOLD ME I CAN USE IT TO MESURE LARGE DISTANCES! I feel like I have a new superpower and I am now completely hooked on math