i signed out of my program two weeks ago because distance learning wasnt working out


post-goth coldwave band
ehm.. síðgotakuldabylgjuhljómsveit

Markov bot text 

MARTOK: Well, it appears we are not frightened of death.

litterally as soon as i finished my last exams I just couldn't not make this

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The rocks are shaped and
formed by the continuous
crashing of the waves

It makes no sense to
delete scholarly research
without discussion

Ellis also gave
it the scientific name
of Venus flytrap

I feel like every time I don't want to use internet solutions for meetings or work (because I'm so sick of it and I do so bad using it) people act like I'm insulting their efforts. At this point I would just rather not communicate with anyone rather than continuing to feel completely incompetent

Markov bot text 

ROM: I should form a union.

Tamarian Communists be like 

The beast at Tanagra.
Chenza at court, the court of silence.
Bezos at the Penthouse.
Bezos, his employees ill.
Darmok on the ocean.
Darmok and Jalad on the ocean.
Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.
Uzani, his army with fists closed.
Kira at Bashi.
Bezos when the walls fell.
Shaka when the chains fell!
Temba, his arms wide!

so what's your go-to scholarly fact that will make everyone at the party hate you and ask you to kindly leave?

A report written by a colleague of mine that I hope none of you will ever find directly helpful

> How to handle abuse of power by PhD supervisors: A workshop on early career researcher's needs


Some people I know run an anarchist library. It's pretty cool, many nice titles. I did have one thought that I would like to hear from librarians here about. They have taken up the convention of having a separate category bookshelf labeled as "books we don't agree with". I'm totally willing to just respect that stance but I want to know what other people think about that kind of thing. (like I found one book in that shelf that I'm pretty sure aligns with my views)

is anyone aware of any good taxonomy/systematics meme board?

Have any of you read any good cli-fi I might want to put in my radar?

currently reading 

The Ministry of the Future, the new book by Kim Stanley Robinson. Two chapters in and it's super intense, one of my favourite cli-fi writers for sure.

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