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Really wish there was a website where you could post local community stuff and events that’s an alternative to Facebook, because it’s pretty much the only reason I check it now and I resent having to go there


Hello, I'm Altruest. I like beautiful things, and I think we live in a beautiful world. Friends are Good, as is art, food, dogs, and the moon. I like to be sad (but only sometimes), and I love being excited about things I know nothing about. I believe we can all get along, and I know that injecting a little bit of empathy into your life gets us closer to that goal.

I think you're beautiful, and valid, and welcome. Peace and love. ✌🏾

Decided to arrange a welcome for Tumblr refugees, so Toot! is 50% off on the App Store today! Grab it now if you haven't - this is literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as any future sale will not be the same sale as this one, which is the Tumblr refugee sale.

Go go go!

It's a good client. It's the best client. Well, it is at least the client with the most secret easter egg games.

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maybe the greatest contribution I will ever make to the world of art

@kensanata Please add me to Anarchists, Art, Astronomy, Biology, Books, Digital Rights, Engineering, Environmentalists, Feminism, Geology, Mathematics, Musicians, Nature, Science, Science Fiction, Vegan, Vegetarian, Writing.

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Going to do some light reading today.

"From Oppression to Liberation: Reclaiming the Right to Privacy"

(PDF download available at the end of that link.)

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