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"Framsýni sagnfræðinnar er með þeim hætti, að hún sér allt gjörla eftir á, sem menn hefðu átt að sjá fyrir á hverjum tíma, ef þeir hefðu verið nógu vitrir. En þeir eru það aldrei."

History's foresight is that, that it sees everything which occurs afterwards, which men should have seen beforehand if they had the wits. Which they never possess.

Ach ja! Überall gipt es Menschen
(e. Oh well, there are people everywhere)

Starting to suspect my chemistry teacher is the worst. Show more

Been working alot with the sonic pi lately, still figuring out how to transform midi notes from .mid files into a single string. I miss

Do you think doctors have a trading card game of real patients and their sick stats?

@logarithmic_function I'm just going to assume there aren't any coders at the show and everyone will think 'loop do play :c2 sleep 1 end' looks like some hacker shit

I have two weeks until I'm supposed to perform some live coding at a concert what do I do what do I do what do I do. Sonic pi is shit on the pi 2 B and I've never heard of someone bringing their battlestation to the stage before

Those who fail to understand recursion are condemned to keep trying to understand recursion

The first national geography magazine was published in 1889. So far as I'm into it, it gives away so much enthusiastic scientific spirit it's contagious. If you're geography class sucks/ed and your looking for reason to fall in love with geography it's not a bad place to start.

Hi everyone! What are some nice things to find around here?