it's funny how actually doing research and working on a paper feels almost nothing like the fantasy doing the research and writing a paper 🤔

I like being in an instance that feels like a teacher's breakroom.
everyone's just like, 'I am exhausted, but I love this, but also I hate it? Idk who knows I might find another job. Pass the coffee.'

tng, research 

In order to cover various aspects of my research i've resorted to role-playing different star trek tng characters while doing each task. Today I was Geordie the computer vision guy, tonight i'm Riker the drink beer and read through field reports

Pokémon Go, new study 

A paper we've been working for a while is out:

"Exploring Features of the Pervasive Game Pokémon GO That Enable Behavior Change: Qualitative Study"

We studied how different game features were tied to changes in people's reported behavior. Takeway:

"The respondents reported being more social, expressed more positive emotions, found more meaningfulness in their routines, and had increased motivation to explore their surroundings."

This study was so well done. Great controls, study size of *100,000*.

Any additional studies focusing on HCQ for covid19 should be stopped immediately for ethical reasons.

"The mortality in the control group was 9.3%. The mortality in the chloroquine group was 16.4%. The mortality in the chloroquine plus macrolide group was 22.2%. The mortality in the hydroxychloroquine group was 18%. And the mortality in the hydroxychloroquine plus macrolide group was 23.8%."


the people at the cartography department should have a georeferencing along some time

do you ever have a day when you do a bunch if work that turns out to be a complete waste of time?

looks like preparing data really is going to take a month

Does anybody here ave experience with image analysis? I'm going to be analyzing multiple images captured in the field over a long time span and I honestly am at a loss of where to start.

yes! i got the grant for my lichen growth rate study. I'm not sure how to feel, this is unlichenything

online student, covid 

I am having extreme difficulty with this home learning. My university is closed and there are no public spaces open where studying can be done. I can't understand how universities can keep their students to unchanged schedules in this situation

New friends hello 

We've had a few new people arrive this week, which I love

Welcome to all our new friends!


* Public posts should be "on-topic"
* Off-topic posts should be Unlisted
* CW liberally
* Add descriptions to your images
* Read to get started!

And if you're a Nazi/white supremacist, a homophobe, anti-trans in any way, or a supporter of Jordan Peterson or Milo Yiannopoulos, close your account and leave!

I almost dropped out of High School and now I'm finishing a PhD. I hated school.

Life is weird, but go with it. If you're open to chance and change, you'll find your way.

ahh just applied for a grant and then listened to the nature working scientist podcast series on grant applications and hahaha I am regret

I have answered
the emails
that were in
the inbox

and for which
you were probably
an answer

forgive me
they were late
so many
and so long

hot take 

Of all the life sciences, botany is by far the most salacious

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