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i'm currently at undergraduate level mathematics but i'm looking for resources to strengthen my grip on the subject. I think maths is really fun and I'd like to study it more. Do you guys have any ideas as how i might further my maths skills in my spare time. For example I'd lioe to know proofs. Im thinking of taking Computer Mathematics in University when I finish College in a year. thanks in advance!

so my physics teacher gave me a challenge Show more

all elements of the periodic table as emojo

boost if you agree

:librarian_hushing: i don't blame people for not talking at the library. i mean whats the use trying to speak over all those screaming books

we should all write lists of all the webcomics, podcasts, blogs and other hard-to-backtrace influential works that have affected us, so as to make life easier for future academics who want to backtrace our general intellectual milieu

Does anybody have some good Q# references? And what are some cool programs you can develop for today?

What does it mean to boost a toot? You make it more visible?

Repeat after me:
Not everyone online is American
Not everyone online is American
Not everyone online is American not even if their English passes for native

So I've been learning trigonometry at school this semester and NO ONE TOLD ME I CAN USE IT TO MESURE LARGE DISTANCES! I feel like I have a new superpower and I am now completely hooked on math

I forgot to make a hashtag introduction and am wondering if it's too late this far.

"Framsýni sagnfræðinnar er með þeim hætti, að hún sér allt gjörla eftir á, sem menn hefðu átt að sjá fyrir á hverjum tíma, ef þeir hefðu verið nógu vitrir. En þeir eru það aldrei."

History's foresight is that, that it sees everything which occurs afterwards, which men should have seen beforehand if they had the wits. Which they never possess.

Ach ja! Überall gipt es Menschen
(e. Oh well, there are people everywhere)

Starting to suspect my chemistry teacher is the worst. Show more

Been working alot with the sonic pi lately, still figuring out how to transform midi notes from .mid files into a single string. I miss

Do you think doctors have a trading card game of real patients and their sick stats?

@logarithmic_function I'm just going to assume there aren't any coders at the show and everyone will think 'loop do play :c2 sleep 1 end' looks like some hacker shit

I have two weeks until I'm supposed to perform some live coding at a concert what do I do what do I do what do I do. Sonic pi is shit on the pi 2 B and I've never heard of someone bringing their battlestation to the stage before