the best thing my mother ever did for me was not putting pressure on me getting good grades

grant in the house. this human is gonna be charting the distribution of senecio pseudoarnica in urban coastlines all summer


My name is Snæi (they/them) I'm an artist and doing my biology undergrad. I also cover grassroots music on the national radio.

My research interest are in high-latitude dust, lichen ecology, invasive* biology and Anthropocene studies.

My hobbies include micro-expeditions, concert going and organizing DIY music festivals with my friends. I'm very stressed for my exams this semester.

currently reading 

Harry Potter and the Methods of Reason. This is an incredibly strange, humorous, realist take on the first harry potter book where Harry is some kind of extreme savant prodigy of science. Reminds me of Rothfuss's Kvothe or Doyle's Holmes.

student thoughts 

must standardize.. individual behavior.. must routinize... learning...

pcmus, ag cook 

just finished a marathon listening of these 3 amazing albums. emailed A. G. Cook my amazements. 10/10 worth the time, definitely increases your life expectancy, a.g. is probably one of the more interesting musicians of the last few years and this package goes to show that there is a lot going on right now

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7G + Apple + 7G vs. Apple

4h 43m

this like the lotr extended edition of music

Looking for Scientists and or Music Lovers/Musicians on Mastodon?

Please boost for visibility.

2h 39m 

that's the time it takes to listen to a.g. cook's 2020 album 7G and it's all worth it, it's all so worth it.

I've always been a bad student, but after accepting that, I've become an evil student

video, self-promotion, dust 

I filmed a field campaign last august and the institution just posted the video:)

hope you're interested in dust research

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