yt channel shoutout 

Big shoutout to Kathy's channel! Her videos are super fun and tell an amazing story of everything science history!

kids raving 

sideproject had an awesome concert at mengi yesterday! They're playing with Björk next wedensday I can't believe it, so proud. DJ Flugvéloggeimskip came and she's their nr.1 fan ahh! I was so hungover I couldn't dance but still amazing. Who wuld have thougut that Josh wink's higher state of Consciousness

would phase so well with the fire alarm set off by the smoke machine.


Olaf Stapledon's Star Maker is so ahead. This is my third reading of it and I'm always absolutely blown away by the shear scale and depth of it.

sexism, history 

This truly is the most outrageously sexist book title I've ever seen

selfie, eye-contact, snow 

Good bye chemestry exam, hellow snow!
I absolutely love being surrounded by snow and freezing tempertures and I know a lot of people who share this opinion. It's nice to finally see some snow and it makes me very happy and hopeful during exam season

dangerous cuteness, tardigrade 

Cought a video of a little pigglet looking up and waving. You're welcome.

rotifer, microscopy 

I got some frozen moss from outside and put in distilled water and let it soak for a few hours. I was actually looking for tardigrades but couldn't find anything interesting except this rotifer you're seeing. A fascinating creature and fun to follow around if you can keep up (this one was so fast!)

Venus very bright this morning. I could even snap a photo with my phone from the school library window :librarian_hushing:

Fell asleep from listening to an audiobook late past my usual bedtime. Audible seems to think that deserves some merit.

falling behind, concert, gender representation 

I'm a little behind on my assignments but I still manage to curate crazy concerts :/)
Some some pics: i'm very proud of the gender ratio for this, it was like almost 50/50 and probably more girls than boys in fact. Very important.

This is the official back to school post. Boost this post to make everyone's semester AMAZING!

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