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Hello! I’m an interested in how tech firms impact our social, political, economic & environmental world. I’m currently researching digital vulnerabilities surrounding unsecured consumer credit (i.e. buy now pay later platforms), & the political implications of practices . Very concerned re and & . New to Mastodon, come say hi & talk irresponsible business 🤓

needs 👏

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Thanks for the kind words, glad you like it :)

Mobilizon & Bookwyrm are great, you can find them in our section on alternative cloud services:

I've created a new issue in GitLab to also add them to the Fediverse section, as soon as I find the time :)

#GoodRead : « #Algorithms are opinions embedded in code. It’s really different from what you think most people think of algorithms. They think algorithms are objective and true and scientific. That’s a marketing trick. It’s also a marketing trick to intimidate you with algorithms, to make you trust and fear algorithms because you trust and fear mathematics. A lot can go wrong when we put blind faith in #BigData. » Cathy O’Neil

Explainable AI
Series "Regulating AI: Debating Approaches and Perspectives from Asia and Europe"
Online discussion Wednesday, 25 May, 9.30 am – 10.30 am (CEST)

“.01% of bitcoin holders hold 27% of all bitcoin! That’s 100x the wealth concentration of the regular economy.”

Next time someone tells you cryptocurrencies and blockchain are about decentralisation, laugh in their faces. Loudly. While pointing at them.

#cryptocurrency #blockchain #decentralisation #web3 #rightLibertarian #bullshit

Fedifriends at, I have some funding available and ideally would like to spend it on conferences/workshops around tech, ethics & social sustainability (the more interdisciplinary the better) - any suggestions?

Join us for our upcoming session of our Open DiscourseNet Seminar on Friday, 27 May, with Majid KhosraviNik talking about Techno-Discursive Considerations in #SocialMedia Critical #DiscourseStudies. To join, please sign up here: #DigitalTransformation

Is there anyone out there (in the at least) who has made a transition out of academia and into some sort of post-academic work? I am finding myself more disillusioned with academia everyday but can’t really envision what a life/career outside might be like. I am just looking for someone to give me some insight on what that transition was like and/or if I should really just “tough it out,” so to speak.


📢New Paper 📢

The Forgotten Margins of AI Ethics with,, Matthew Brown,, &

We survey the current AI ethics landscape and conclude that most work in this space is shallow.



fedifriends at, what's your opinion about generation-focussed research? i.e. research on Gen Z, millennials, Gen X.
Reading a dissertation on it and much of the statements sound like the age-centred equivalent of astrology... but that might be specific to this piece of work and the refs used.

That said, please do send recommendations/good studies if you know any!

Marking dissertations today and one of my students referred to me (her supervisor) in the acknowledgments as Mrs. Of course male colleagues are Drs and Profs.
Makes me fume every single time.

abuse of dead philosophers 

Existential Comics the has a piece on the abuse of Frederick Nietsche's writings by Anglos Now do Stocism!

do your magic: what's the name for when the algorithms of some social networks (i.e. twitter or instagram) cancel users for supurious reasons (such as displaying :ProgressivePride: pictures) by not blocking but not showing their images/posts to other users?

Last week, Motherboard's Joseph Cox laid down $160 with Safegraph, a digital adtech/surveillance company, and got back the location trails of everyone who'd visited 600 Planned Parenthood locations. Safegraph claimed that this data was "anonymized." This is a lie. It's really, really easy to "re-identify" location data.


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How easy? One team found that they could re-identify 50% of the devices in an anonymized location data set by analyzing *any two random data-points* from their movements:

Practically speaking: Safegraph's data can be used to identify nearly everyone who visits an abortion provider, and also reveal their home addresses and places of work. Naturally, Safegraph's CEO denied this. He lied.


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Today I feel so grateful and energised by the collaborators and friends I'm working with, what a difference good company makes! :BlobCatHeart:

#Gamification, turning something serious into a game, has earned an undeserved bad reputation by those abusing it for their own gains. Like any game it is neither good or bad, ethical or unethical.

Similar to Deception Patterns / Deceptive Design I propose a new term to distinguish the rotten apples..

#Gamipulation: A form of gamification that manipulates people without their informed consent and with hidden motives that are not in their benefit and best interest.

I like this name, but WDYT?

I am angry. These companies and their CEO deserve bankruptcy and prison.

Special note to the people constantly telling me that fighting for privacy has nothing to do with fighting against gender-based violence: go f*** yourself.

You wonder what I'm talking about? Read this

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That time when a cryptobro said the silent part loud:

> Join a pyramid. It’s not a bubble unless it bursts.


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