Hello! I’m an interested in how tech firms impact our social, political, economic & environmental world. I’m currently researching digital vulnerabilities surrounding unsecured consumer credit (i.e. buy now pay later platforms), & the political implications of practices . Very concerned re and & . New to Mastodon, come say hi & talk irresponsible business 🤓

needs 👏

@louce welcome! Nice to see you here. Love seeing all the new users!

@louce love to talk irresponsible business—and how to do better 😁

@nielsa amazing! Unethical business is the 💩 gift that keeps on giving, we’ll have plenty to discuss!

@louce looking forward to reading your posts, as I'm interested in all those topics.

@louce a warm welcome here/there! Hope you find your community and have great time 🙂

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