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Hi, scholars!

I'm a writer (mostly of television promos) in Atlanta. Non-academic these days, but I never stopped studying. Some of you may remember me as the admin of the now defunct instance Primary interests are philosophy, history, religion, literature and the arts.

I wrote a bit about a scene that stood out to me from my reading of the Ramayama:

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us pol, activism, contempt 

How Get Out and It Follows use the edges of the frame and offscreen space to evoke trauma for the audience.

"Researchers at McGill University tested four kinds of plastic bags in boiling water, and found that a single bag would release more than 11 billion microplastic and 3 billion nanoplastic particles."

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Anyone have recommendations for an e-ink reader that's not produced by Amazon?

By going back to original texts, a Duke University PhD candidate has found that several references to Mary Magdalene may have been altered in order to downplay her significance in the Gospel of John.

The Prose Edda is weirder than I anticipated.

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I've started writing at a new space,, about policies and politics affecting Atlanta, the state of Georgia and the South in general. The latest is about how southern lawmakers respond to questions on #ClimateChange.

Uh oh, just realized that you can use search results to generate rss feeds for the open access content of any philosophy journal tracked by PhilPapers.

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MIT's Open Agriculture Initiative has knowingly been dumping wastewater with nitrogen levels 20 times above the legal limit, potentially endangering local waterways, according to internal documents.

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"The idea first emerged in the legal books of the ancient Roman Empire. When people held a debt in common, they were said to hold it 'in solidum.' […] In this original formulation, solidarity is a common identity underpinned by collective indebtedness and obligation, shared responsibility and shared risk, a state of interdependence and mutual aid."

"Solidarity, in contrast to charity and philanthropy, isn't one-sided. It is a form of reciprocity rooted in the acknowledgment that our lives are intertwined.

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Libyan civil war 

forensic analysis of funerary remains 

digital authoritarianism 

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