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#JournalClub for 2020 March 

From all the suggestions for this month's the following was randomly chosen:

"Folklore, Nationalism and the Challenge of the Future" by Wilson :OpenAccess:

:doi: dx.doi.org/10.2307/j.ctt4cgkmk

The submitter is welcome to de-anonymize themself and introduce why they wanted to read it—or not!

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It's amusing how ancient esotericism and modern high-end physics are coming together

Ancient esotericism: the nothing is greater than we can think. we think we can think nothing, but this in itself is a something. what can be named is not ineffable

Modern high-end physics: so, yeah, we are running up against the limits of intuitive human cognition. the metaphors we use are inadequate approximations for the things they describe, and should be taken with as much salt as the expressions can bear

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#JournalClub 2020 February 

Late notice I know, but if you have a paper you'd like to see as the article for 2020 February, send me a DM with the link and if we get a suggestion, I'll randomly choose one to post!


* It must be available to all (:OpenAccess:/:scihub:)
* It must come from *outside* your own area of specialty, to ensure that others who are not experts in your field can also participate

(I am now opening this to non-members of scholar.social)

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Sometimes I wonder at the strange paths travelled by introductory coursebooks, who get bought in order to be read once, then sold to the next crop of students who only read it once, then resold to the next-

The books themselves do not speak of these travels. They merely carry the scars

Hello! I’m currently a high school student in my sophomore year. My pronouns are she/her. I enjoy reading about interdisciplinary fields in STEM and art. I have interests in environmentalism, government systems, international relations, socioeconomics, and social justice. I’m also a Linux and FOSS enthusiast.

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Scaring off people we don't want here 

There's a bunch of new people here recently, so I think I'll say a few things that will scare off many of the sorts of people that we don't want here

It is the official policy of scholar.social that:

🍍 Nazis should have their speech curtailed at every opportunity
🍍 Supporters of Jordan Peterson or Milo Yiannopoulos—leave now
🍍 There is no such thing as "reverse racism"
🍍 Vaccines don't cause autism, and for that matter, autistic people are equally valuable!

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