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Insightful. We can't repeat often enough that @mobian , @debian , @postmarketOS , @manjarolinux and others would not be where they are now, without @purism adopting a cooperative upstreaming policy. We would wager that everyone purchasing a (true) Linux device now, benefits from your investments. There is plenty to criticize and nag about you 😝, but you are doing the whole FOSS community a service that could not easily be replicated by volunteers.

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Telegram is NOT open source/FOSS. Stop endorsing it as an (open source) alternative to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger.

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Imagine there are thousands of different Twitter.coms all owned and operated by different people and where anyone at any instance can speak to anyone else at any other instance and you’re stuck on this one Twitter.com run by a billionaire asshat named Jack where you can’t speak with any of the millions of people on any of those thousands of other instances.

Now that’d be sad, wouldn’t it?


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#BanFossilAds - please consider signing this European Citizens' Initiative to ban fossil fuel advertising and sponsorships

RT @350Europe@twitter.com

Fossil fuel companies use ads to make themselves look like leaders in the fight against climate crisis.

We can stop these lies though: join the campaign to #BanFossilAds with @GreenpeaceNL@twitter.com @FVReclame@twitter.com
👉 banfossilfuelads.org/

🐦🔗: twitter.com/350Europe/status/1

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With #InfiniTime release 1.6.0, the Infinitime community has crossed a major target off of their list. Congrats to @JF and everyone who has contributed to the project!

I love this little watch.

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Last month the Netherlands passed #RouterFreedom into law: all ISPs must let customers choose their own Internet hardware and still provide tech support at no extra cost. That little box is your home-internet gatekeeper, and now in NL it can work for you fsfe.org/news/2021/news-202108

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A software tester walks into a bar. 

Runs into a bar.

Crawls into a bar.

Dances into a bar.

Flies into a bar.

Jumps into a bar.

And orders:

a beer.

2 beers.

0 beers.

99999999 beers.

a lizard in a beer glass.

-1 beer.

"qwertyuiop" beers.

Testing complete.

A real customer walks into the bar and asks where the bathroom is.

The bar goes up in flames.

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Da ich letztens erst wieder mit einem White-IT-Dude darüber diskutierte, dass es Source/Replica heißt 😤 , da dachte ich, ich fange an etwas zu gestalten, was ich auf mein Case kleben kann und beim aufgeklappten Laptop immer und die Nase reiben kann, weshalb es etwas punkiger wurde.

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Amnesty International: "We are calling for a ban on surveillance advertising—because we shouldn't have to choose between accessing the internet & enjoying our human rights ✊

[:tw: tweets.newsbots.eu/amnesty/sta#humanrights #news #bot]

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#InfiniTime 1.4.0 "Pink Grapefruit" is out : improved touch driver, color picker for the PineTimeStyle watchface, improved UI, battery level measurement and call notifications and much more!
Enjoy InfiniTime "Pink Grapefruit" on your @PINE64 #PineTime !

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@aral I wish there were a competitive open source platform with decent device management, that wouldn't cost a ton more than chromebooks and licenses. Unfortunately, papa google has really cornered the market there.

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Giving kids Chromebooks in schools is like serving them candy for lunch. It’s something you’d do if you were either clueless or hated their guts.

What I’m trying to say is stop normalising surveillance in schools, you absolute muppets.

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⚠️ WANTED ⚠️

Für einen kleinen Kongress der sich an Aktivist:innen richtet, suchen wir eine:n Referent:in für einen Vortrag zu (grob) „OpSec für Non-Techie-Aktivist:innen“.

Vortrag soll am 02.10. in Leipzig stattfinden, alles andere gerne im persönlichen Kontakt!

Chaos-Bubble und alle drumherum: boostet was das Zeug hält. Wer kennt wen, der wen kennt? Ich bin kurzfristig auf euch angewiesen! :fairydust:

Kontakt per DM oder auch gerne per Mail: kongress-leipzig@posteo.de

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I just recently realised, that proprietary social networks are not social networks but entertainment networks. That's why at least my friends have a hard time switching to mastodon or pixelfed. People expect to be highly entertained the first second they enter the network and kept that way all the time. Being confronted with a network that is stripped from all these addictive tools is a massive cultural clash.

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#Marburg hat den Durchblick, muss man echt sagen! 🤪

"Wir haben in der mittelalterlichen Innenstadt mit den engen Straßen gar nicht den Spielraum, Straßen für Autos zu sperren."


@mastobikes #fahrrad

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A #ShortStory

She finally texted me after weeks of silent treatment and I rushed over to her house. It was a cold, dark and foggy fall morning. I went there by bike to be faster, but about half way there I knew it was a bad idea. The muddy ground slowed me down drastically on the uphill parts and downhill I had to break constantly to avoid skidding.
When I arrived I was splattered with sludge all over. I tried to clean myself up a little as I ascended to the doorway.

The sun was coming up and the fog started to lift. The sunshine lifted my spirit. I had started developing a fall depression over the last weeks – partly because of the weather, partly because she had left for a vacation with her family and we had no contact. When she texted me “Can you come over? Now?” at 7 in the morning I knew it was something important she wanted to talk to me about. I hoped maybe she would… no, I tried not to go there. If I didn’t get my hopes up I couldn’t get that disappointed.

I texted her: “I’m here. Came by bike, too dirty to come in” and waited. With every heartbeat the fog lifted up higher revealing more and more of the beautiful view of the city. One of the countless reasons I loved to come here – one of the few that weren’t her.

She opened the door – still in her pajamas. “Wait there, I’ll just get dressed real quick.” She just put on a jacket and boots, but still I felt kinda naughty watching her through the door.

“Come with me” she said and lead the way into the forest. I knew this trail better than my own street. She often took me here for deep conversations. This is where she took me whenever she wanted to talk about troubles she had with her family, at school, with friends or with her boyfriend. Well, ex-boyfriend now. It’s also where she always asked me about me and wanted me to open up, but that was never very fruitful. I just didn’t think I had much worth talking about and when I did it took me only a few words.

Today she had quite an impressive speed and hasn’t started talking yet. We were already walking for about 10 minutes and the sun was up. It turned out to be a very beautiful morning. The trees glowed in colors from green to red and the ground was covered in a deep layer of foliage.
It felt like walking on clouds, but speed-walking trough it was quite exhausting. I was panting quite hard, but it couldn’t be heard over the loud wind. I caught up with her and touched her on the shoulder. “Could you slow down a bit?” I asked. “Oh, sure.” she said and we walked on side by side.

I knew she had something she wanted to get off her chest, but whenever I saw her mouth open as I glanced over to her she stopped herself before uttering a sound. Or maybe she did make a sound and I just didn’t hear it. Since I was still waiting for her to finally tell me whats going on and I didn’t know anything better to pass the time I tried to experiment with how loud I could hum without her hearing me over the wind. I barely heard myself at first, then I turned up the volume.

“Huh?” “What?” “Did you say something?” “No I was just...” The last word actually got swallowed by the wind. “But there is something you want to talk about, right?”

The droning sound of the wind swelled up in my ears as the suspense rose. I could no longer hold back my deepest hopes and gave in to a part of me that believed in magic and miracles. If I’d just wish for it hard enough she would ask me to go with her right now. In the few seconds that felt like hours as I waited for her response I lived through the rise and fall of this hopeful part of me. As it rose to power the rest of my existence teamed up to form a resistance. The motto of the resistance movement was “I’m never going to have a girlfriend – the whole concept is ridiculous”. This part of me felt so much more real to me so it took over pretty fast. I considered myself a hopeless romantic – literally. Hopeless.

Romance was a big part of my interior life, but it was always just fantasy and probably wouldn’t ever be more than that. So like most of the times when I let myself hope for a moment that glorious moment was short and followed by a much stronger feeling of defeat – and she still hadn’t even said the first word.

“I..” she said and paused. My heart suddenly weighed a hundred pounds and sunk to my feet ripping a hole through my body on the way down. My brain went to overdrive and bombarded me with all the possible ways to end this sentence – well only the possibilities that fit the pitiful expression on her face. I don’t like you anymore. I am going to move. I have a new boyfriend. I have cancer and only two more weeks to live.

“My...”, she started a new sentence and paused again, throwing my brain completely off. My mothership is going to pick me up in a few minutes taking me back to my home planet where I’ll deliver my report saying that this planet is not worth saving.

“My dad says we can’t hang out anymore.” My hundred pounds heavy heart suddenly got magnetically attracted by the earths core and ripped a hole through the planet on its way further down than rock bottom. Only a shell of me was left. Since the shell was no living being it didn’t have to breath to prevail and it didn’t have to tense it’s muscular system to stand still. It also didn’t have a lot of senses.

One sense – I don’t know which one it was – noticed that she started tearing up. Since my shell wasn’t capable of it’s own feelings it showed compassion for hers and put an arm around her to comfort her. Her touch changed things. Her warmth filled my shell back with life and her heartbeat drew my heart back from the earths core into my chest in a second. I could feel my heart hammer against my ribcage like it wanted to melt with hers as I proceeded to embrace her.

She turned her head to my shoulder and started crying heavily. In small waves my brain started working again. Lead by a single feeling occupying my whole being that I couldn’t label at the moment the autonomous part of my brain sent unfiltered words to my mouth, leaving the bit of consciousness that had returned out of the game: “Did he say why?”

#love #frienship #LoveSickness #loss #LoveStory
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a demo running on the Commodore 64/128 Floppy drive.

Yes, the floppy drive.

With visuals and sound.


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