Wenn ihr unsicher seid, wann der richtige Zeitpunkt ist, für Seenotrettung zu spenden: Heute ist der richtige Zeitpunkt zum Spenden. 👇

sehr süßes Erklärvideo zum Fediverse: https://tube.tchncs.de/w/9dRFC6Ya11NCVeYKn8ZhiD Erfrischend auch, dass es völlig ohne Namedroping einzelner Software auskommt.

Okay, I'm curious, when did you guys first hear about/join Linux? Please boost for a wider data pool. :boost_love:

That was a long and busy day, but also a lot of fun. I finally managed to finish a computer-verified proof and dared to make it public. github.com/m4lvin/tablean/comm 🎉

Photographer Eric Brummel stabilized his camera to capture earth's rotation

The cause of my climate despair is not the belief that global warming is beyond human control, but the belief that global warming is under human control.

It is liberation day here in the Netherlands and today I saw this huge sign on my cycling trip.



what's the most despicable tech company, retoot for exposure

Oh wow, looks like there is a study out there with a questionable basis - and it’s fun (and only takes a minute or two) to help researchers to kind of “fact check” it. Plus: in the end they will guess your age and they will be wrong. :)

Um 18 Uhr erstmal die #BigBrotherAwards reinziehen - dann runterkommen. Und um 23 Uhr dann Magazin Royale schauen. Da wird @janboehm vermutlich etwas zum Fediverse/Mastodon sagen. :mastodon:

Bin schon sehr gespannt! 🍿 🍿 🍿

I have been passing this every few months or so since a few years. Today I finally took a picture.

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