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thought experiment: a cat is in a box containing decaying nuclear material and poison gas. the box is on some trolley tracks. as the trolley approaches the box, it has all its parts systematically replaced so that no original part remains by the time it strikes the box. inside the trolley is a man receiving instructions on levers to pull in Chinese. do you take the money?

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Dass eine Zugfahrt deutlich weniger CO2 verbraucht als ein Flug ist klar, aber diese einfache Grafik zeigt auch, dass man im Zug viel produktiver ist. #ShareDichDrum Quelle: Sebastian F. Mueller / www.sfmueller.de

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RT @SoerenKohlhuber@twitter.com

In #marburg musste die alternative Kneipe #havanna8 dicht machen. Grund sind steigende Mieten. Nun haben Stammgäste offenbar die Kneipe besetzt. Die Polizei ist mit einem Großaufgebot in Form eines Segway-Beamten vor Ort...

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Hey @switchingsocial,
I'm looking for an (ideally FOSS) alternative to TeamViewer.

I need to support less tech-savvy people using Windows as well as Linux on their computers - and of course it would be great to serve all of them using the same tool...
Most of the host systems don't have a static IP address, and I'm afraid I can't VPN into their local LANs.
Any idea?

Please feel free to retoot - I'm looking forward to any suggestions :mastogrin:

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Okay hello fediverse, it is now time to tell you all about the best page on all of Wikipedia. The list of lists of lists.


This amazing wonderful entry is a list of all pages that are lists of list articles on the English wikipedia. Uh, amazing???? Except some of the things it links to are lists of lists of lists, so one could label this is a list of lists of lists of lists.

Today I learned that reducing the MTU to 1300 bytes makes OpenVPN work again on WIFIonICE. Why so complicated, Deutsche Bahn and Icomera?

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@linuzifer ich freu mich immer wieder über Deine Antworten. Danke Linus. Du bringst eine absolute Klarheit rüber, ohne zu ranten, aber mit der richtigen Schärfe. Das wünsche ich mir von Pressesprechern, das macht dich so grandios und einzigartig. Vielen Dank, mach weiter so.

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Mario Barth vs. „Die Anstalt“ – ein anschauliches Beispiel für Probleme mit Uploadfiltern! Ein Lehrstück über die Gefahren der geplanten EU-Urheberrechtsreform. #ShareDichDrum


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Mario Barth vs. „Die Anstalt“ – ein anschauliches Beispiel für Probleme mit #Uploadfilter​n


»In einer Video-Montage lässt das Medienwatchblog Kobuk die ZDF-Satiriker von „Die Anstalt“ gegen den RTL-Komiker Mario Barth antreten – und scheitert fast an Uploadfiltern beim Versuch, ihr medienkritisches Aufklärungsstück zu verbreiten. Ein Lehrstück über die Gefahren der geplanten EU-Urheberrechtsreform.«

Video: :peertube: | :facebook:

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#1yrago Study finds that for-pay scholarly journals contribute virtually nothing to the papers they publish boingboing.net/2018/03/14/than

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Achtung Follower, ich brauche mal eure Hilfe!

Ich bin auf der Suche nach *wissenschaftlichen* Quellen zu dem Themenbereich Hormonzyklus der Frau (oder auch des Mannes!!!) und Internetnutzung bzw. Kaufverhalten. Gern auch alte Quellen aus dem prä-Internet Zeitalter; aber vor allem interessiert mich die Frage wie genau sich der hormonzyklus von Menschen mit "Big Data" (#buzzwordbingo) vorhersagen lässt!

Danke für eure Mithilfe 💪 ❤️

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Aktueller Stand: 42% der deutschen MdEP haben versprochen, gegen #Artikel13 zu stimmen. Europaweit sind es immerhin schon 100 von 751.
Falls ihr z.B. Kontakte nach Rumänien oder Tschechien haben solltet: pledge2019.eu

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i need to take a minute rn to lecture y'all about the incoming tide of smart lock bs and the cyberpunk hell that is about to rain down on us. abusive landlords, abusive police, abusive boyfriends, the entire booming cybercrime industry are all going to have a fucking field day.

but what freaks me out the most is how gendered technical skill is right now, at least in the US. it's easy to forget in communities like the fediverse that these skills are unevenly distributed. a lot of queer women know how to take care of ourselves when it comes to computer bullshit, and that's awesome, and the more women we can propagate these skills to, the better.

but in your average cishet couple, who are you gonna put your money on having the most skill with tech? the man, every time. there's always an imbalance. a lot of us have seen it in action ourselves. and you hear the stories on reddit all the time.

remember that guy who was obsessed with smart lights and his gf was having to call him at work to turn the ceiling lights on or sit in darkness all day because she couldn't use the app? and he was completely disrespecting her and ignoring her needs and treating her with contempt?

and after this had gone on for months, she finally wrote that timid r/relationships post we've all read asking if she was being unreasonable, and everyone immediately and correctly told her to dump him? THAT's the kind of shit i'm talking about

boys will steamroll right over their girl so they can play with their toys. light fixtures are bad enough. but locks? physical access to her home, her property, her person?

things are going to get really, really ugly. do i even need to lay out the scenario?

tech-obsessed fuckboy insists on installing smart locks in apartment his girlfriend shares with him. does all the setup, making everything massively more complicated than it was before, and leaving him the only person who knows the details of the system setup.

because she's not an opsec expert, the girl probably doesn't think too much about the whole affair, besides her resentment over yet another janky system making her life harder, which she of course dutifully suppresses like the demure and obedient all-american woman she is

eventually J. Random Fuckboy's years of narcissism, selfishness, and emotional abuse overwhelm her ability to just go with the flow and not make waves, and she finally kicks the bastard out. we all know exactly where this is going.

being of course incapable of love and caring only for himself, Fuckboy is overcome with outrage. how dare that stupid bitch dump him, right? he'll show her. he'll make her regret disrespecting him. and unfortunately, he has the tools to do exactly that

because she hasn't gotten around to stripping out all his "home improvements" yet. or maybe the smart locks are too integrated into her routine to cut out. or uninstalling them just doesn't strike her as a priority. whatever the case, the doors to the apartment are still controlled by an app.

it's unlikely he ever gave her admin control over the thing in the first place. she may simply not be able to lock him out. or even if she has locked him out, her abuser can just dig up a fresh exploit to let himself back in. those things probably all run javascript, anyway. there'll be a new RCE vuln every week.

so Fuckboy sneaks back into his ex's place when she's away or asleep. steals her shit, breaks her shit, masturbates over her bed, gaslights her, hurts her pets, assaults her, rapes her. she's left traumatized and terrified and with no idea how to keep him out. completely unsafe in her own home.

that's the kind of scenario these fucking products are going to enable. en fucking masse. smart locks do not belong in people's homes and they are going to have horrific implications for millions of unsuspecting women. (and some men too, to be sure, just nowhere near on the same scale). and if we're to have any hope of controlling the damage, people with any kind of platform need to start yelling.

not at the companies, that ship has sailed. this shit is here to stay. but we need to reach out to the people who are going to wind up victimized because of this technology. we need to give them to tools to keep from winding up victim to a J. Random Fuckboy.

we need to put out warnings onto the grapevine, the whisper networks we use to alert each other about rapists and predators in our communities. do you know any women who aren't techies? talk to them about this shit. do you know women who are techies? talk to them about getting the message out.

do you know any decent men? get them to pass it on to their friends and sisters and daughters and girlfriends and coworkers. this isn't just your average dumb stick-a-computer-in-a-toothbrush invention. this is something worse.

it's not just people's convenience and sanity at stake with this shit. it's their property, their safety, their bodies.

their lives.
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Der ganze Artikel ist lesenswert!

♲ @asozialesnetzwerkkantonbaden@pluspora.com: »Als kleine Fraktion hat man nichts zu melden, als Einzelabgeordneter ist es absurd zu glauben, etwas bewirken zu können. Meine Stimme zählt hier nichts – dachte ich am Anfang. Aber mittlerweile werden wir von Grünen, Linken und Sozialdemokraten informiert, wenn mal knappe Abstimmungen anstehen. Wenn es mal auf jede Stimme ankommt – wie in der E-Privacy-Geschichte. In einer der letzten Straßburg-Wochen habe ich eine Abstimmung mitentschieden, die auch mein Bild von der EU noch einmal nachdrücklich beeinflusst hat. Und zwar gab es einen Bericht zur Lage der Grundrechte in der EU, ich lese mal einen Ausschnitt vor: „Das Europäische Parlament erkennt den Einsatz der verschiedenen regierungsunabhängigen Organisationen an, die im Mittelmeer tätig sind und versuchen, Menschenleben zu retten und in Not geratenen Menschen humanitäre Hilfe zu leisten. Das Europäische Parlament weist daraufhin, dass die Seenotrettung eine völkerrechtliche Verpflichtung ist aufgrund von Artikel 98 des Seerechtsübereinkommens der Vereinten Nationen, wonach jeder Person, die auf offener See in Lebensgefahr angetroffen wird, Hilfe zu leisten ist.“ Das ging mit 312 zu 310 Stimmen durchs Plenum. Wenn ich dagegen gestimmt hätte, wäre es nicht angenommen worden. Das heißt, es gibt 310 Arschlöcher im Parlament, die dagegen gestimmt haben. Und das, obwohl es eine Resolution war, also praktisch keine Bedeutung hat, außer dass sie den Seenotrettern moralisch den Rücken stärkt. Die Annahme ist eine direkte Wirkung der 184.709 Menschen, die 2014 die PARTEI gewählt haben.« rp-online.de/politik/eu/martin…

#Sonneborn #DiePartei #EU
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Today we are launching our campaign to save the internet from #Article13. Join us and call your representatives in Brussels on Pledge2019.eu
Together we're making it clear: “If you vote for upload filters, we won't vote for you!” #SaveYourInternet #Pledge2019

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Normal dutch people, being their normal self. And being racist, without them even knowing, yet so obvious:



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