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"Garmin reportedly paid Multimillion-dollar ransom after suffering cyberattack"

Oh, wow. They just paid 10 millions to make the problem go away.


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It's normal to fly on holiday in the summer, isn't it? ☀️🛫

Globally, it's anything but standard. While it may seem normal for Western Europeans and Americans to fly, this "normality" has only existed in recent decades and is still rare worldwide: stay-grounded.org/get-informat

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Instagram is amazing. Only the photos between all the ads are a bit annoying.

Instagram... like Tinder for capitalism.


Now that all servers are down, let me recommend GoldenCheetah, a great offline-first software to manage cycling etc. data: goldencheetah.org

"We believe that cyclists and triathletes should be able to download their power data to the computer of their choice"


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Pop Up Cross-Laufstrecke über parkende Autos in Prag

Der Künstler #BenedettoBufalino baut seit Jahren erfolgreich Installationen aus und mit Autos.
Die Arbeit ist nicht nur eine äußerst gelungen interaktive Kunstinstallation, sondern auch ein pointierter Kommentar zur anhaltenden Debatte über die Platzverteilung öffentlicher Räume und darüber, wie viel Raum dem Auto in der Stadt eingeräumt wird im Verhältnis zum Fußgänger.


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Warum protestieren wir heute gemeinsam mit zahlreichen anderen Klimagerechtigkeits- und Umweltschutz-Gruppen gegen die Inbetriebnahme von #Datteln4?

Hier ein Thread zu den Hintergründen:

• Seit 2018 keine Steinkohleförderung mehr in Deutschland. Importe zu großen Teilen
aus Russland, USA und Kolumbien
• 2016 stammte über ein Drittel (36,6 %) der von Uniper importierten Steinkohle aus
Kolumbien (misereor.de/fileadmin/publikat)


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Instead of renaming human-centered design “{society, environment, ...}-centered design” to point to more holistic design practices, why not begin with calling current practices “profit-centered design”? (I really have nothing against humans.)

Here's a free software recommendation for the weekend: Pioneers. It's basically settlers of Catan online: sourceforge.net/projects/pio/
Ideal for a remote family Sunday, combined with an audio group call. Today we played on Europe 🇪🇺

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The joy of correcting an online exam: "Sorry, no bonus points for using Comic Sans." 😼

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I just love everything about diversityreadinglist.org

The whole thing is so carefully crafted so as to be useful for de-colonising our curriculum.

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WARNING: You called a Git command named 'putch', which does not exist. Continuing in 0.5 seconds, assuming that you meant 'fetch'.

Time for the weekend.

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The wheel might have been one of the greatest inventions, but who decided that everybody needed four of them?

#Bikes #BanCars #GreenMobility

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laptop shopping advice 

Hello tooters - I'm looking for a new . I used second-hand for years, but ran into problems replacing batteries on old models. Upgraded to a Dell 13 7380 a couple years ago, and they have already stopped making batteries for this particular model.


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