I really enjoyed the Epistemic Planning Tutorial at ICAPS2020. See youtube.com/watch?v=lmimHMB3X5

Today at 12:00 UTC will be the Epistemic Planning workshop, and I am looking forward to give a short talk too: icaps20subpages.icaps-conferen

Here's a free software recommendation for the weekend: Pioneers. It's basically settlers of Catan online: sourceforge.net/projects/pio/
Ideal for a remote family Sunday, combined with an audio group call. Today we played on Europe 🇪🇺

If you are an EU citizen in the Netherlands, Europe needs you today: GO VOTE!

Today I asked my first-year bachelor Artificial Intelligence students what editors they use. Is geany that popular anywhere else? And what happened to the good old days of vs. ? 😉

Yesterday, I taught Math students about conditionals in the Intro to Logic course. Today, I gave the same lecture to AI students. When we tested them with Wason's card selection task during the break, their answers turned out to be quite different! (via birdsite twitter.com/RinekeV/status/106)

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