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Classic Songs by Bob Dylan Re-Imagined as Pulp Fiction Book Covers: "Like a Rolling Stone," "A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall" & More

Not sure how many are aware of this fantastic free tool to easily crop PDFs/splice two book pages, but it saved me a lot of trouble a number of times!

Another Mastodon newbie here! I am currently a PhD student in at the U of Cambridge. My prior training is mostly in , so I am particularly interested in the intersection of philosophy (esp. ) and geography in relation to , , , and climate change.

Apart from said AOI, I enjoy discovering obscurities from all corners of the Humanities and Sciences and hence look forward to learning a lot from all of y'all!

Came across a series of amusing and interesting today about Winnie the and I was not aware of:

* Pooh and the Philosophers
* The Tao of Pooh
* The Te of Piglet

Looking forward to reading these!

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