mh meds, gatekeeping 

@muninn Ugh, sorry.

One of mine they won't refill until literally day 30 after the last fill. If I don't get to the pharmacy on the exact date, I miss a dose.

It's absurd.

@rusty We've got a Code Orange air quality today--I imagine yours is worse.

Some Like It Hot (1959) 

@bgcarlisle And riffed on in Secret Life of Pets (2016). "Dude, I'm a cat." I cackle, my wife doesn't get it.

Slightly lewd, I suppose 

@bthall Oh, I remembered another one. A US government agency I work for uses chip+PIN security. The chip is on the "Personal Identity Verification" card, universally called "PIV."

I just can't . . .

@bthall No, but make sure to web-search the acronym/initialism before you put anything in press!

Looking at you, CBT.

@rusty South Carolina failed to send me an absentee ballot the one time I requested one.

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Friends who just went on the job market n got a job, would y'all be willing to share CVs?
My committee members have had their jobs for a thousand years, and I'd like to see some examples from folks who were just in the academic job struggle.

Minneapolis, fall semester, covid concerns, policing 

@rusty FWIW, University of Minnesota has severed ties with the Minneapolis PD.

Sexual assault reference 

@bgcarlisle Makes me think of the autopilot in "Airplane!," but less horrible.

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Healthcare and techbros in academia 

@bgcarlisle *eyeroll*

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A generation-wide death of irony transpired when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stopped being satire and became a brand. In this essay I will

peer review, anonymizing, citations questions 

@twsh @mplouffe @robertwgehl Likewise.

Especially on major long-term projects, there's no way to blind that "this paper is another one on the same project all those other papers are about, probably with the same people."

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we trained a neural network on thousands of clickbait titles and you won't believe what happened next

@bgcarlisle My new contract uses Google Meet a lot. Yup, only works in Chrome (or Chromium, probably).

The result was marginally significant.
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give me a horror story from your specialty in five words or less

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