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I'm having trouble figuring out how to do a time series analysis in NVivo, does anyone have some experience with this?

Now to figure out how to write up an elaborate curve-fitting quantitative analysis for a medical journal instead of a social science one. Medical journal results sections are *tiny.*

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Critiquing queer representation in media 

Suggestions for films I should watch so I can add them here?

We can have a watching party :BlobPopcorn:

I think the most interesting potential entries would be:

🍍 Things that you'd expect to have good queer rep, but fumble the ball
🍍 Things that get really close, but muck it up


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So what's a good intro for a statistician/data scientist who's an okay programmer (I have multiple packages on CRAN and they incorporate C and C++ code I wrote, to give you an idea - not a good C/C++ programmer though).

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Basing my career ambitions loosely on Indiana Jones

* Punch Nazis
* Such an engaging teacher that there's a crowd of students at my office hours

How to piss off your consultant 

Don't make me regret giving you WhatsApp access.

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How to piss off your consultant 

And today:

2:30am Emailed you data and legend. Please roll..

8:51am Hi, did you get the data?

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How to piss off your consultant 

This is after negotiations on a new project with a long-standing client:

[8:24 AM, 3/28/2020] Now let me tell u, with warmth and respect
[8:25 AM, 3/28/2020] That the deal that you have made is much worse for you than what I initially offered.

Just keep that to yourself, ok?

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A COVID-19 statistics PSA from your local health data scientist 

Epidemiology is hard. If you see someone who is not a trained epidemiologist posting numbers that are out of line with those reported by WHO etc., they are almost always wrong. Either they are using words to mean something different than you (or they) think they mean, or they are missing crucial concepts about how epidemics & public health data work.

This is still true even if they have a lot of graphs in their Medium thinkpiece.

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Hey all – if you needed to host lecture videos online and freely available for streaming, what would you do? Is there a nice AWS/S3-self-hosted solution around? (I'm comfortable/familiar with the tech needed for whatever.) I'd really rather not put them on YouTube if I don't have to. :BoostOkay:

Research and $ delayed, Covid 


One grant I consult on--that *has* been funded--relies on hospital recruitment for its panel. Followups would have been in the community.

On indefinite hold.

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I did consider changing my middle name to Potassium, and abbreviating it to K, for the sake of the rare times when anyone asked me what K stood for.


Hello, all. I made an account here in the early days, but haven't been using it, so saying hi again.

I'm a social and psychologist. My general role is to be third author :), doing the statistical/methodological heavy lifting on papers on child development and behavior problems, substance abuse and other health risk behaviors, school and community interventions, and a fair bit more (e.g., chronic pain, infant sleep) as consultant.

Also, advocate.

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🤔 hmm the way people use CWs on mastodon makes them kinda like subject lines for e-mails

🙃 oops subject lines are now CWs

CW: A message from Richard Stallman

CW: You have 96 notifications, 1 poke and 1 group invite

CW: Your credit card statement is ready

CW: I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn

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Happy Copyright Extension Has Stolen Our Right To Have Coltrane In The Public Domain Day

but not happy at all about it.

Cripes. I'm traveling Sunday for my last doctoral student's commencement. TOTALLY forgot his graduation gift.

I think I can bring it together in time.

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A feature article in our local newspaper about an 8-year-old girl who wrote to the editor, asking that the newspaper start running her favorite comic: Phoebe and Her Unicorn (
The newspaper did the right thing. They said, yes (and will replace Beetle Bailey ... finally) and then connected the girl to the comic artist (Dana Simpson, a transgender artist), and shared the written Q/A between fan and creator. Come on. I love that! #smallstories

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you, enlightened: "math notation should be clear and simple; avoid excessive use of fonts &c."

me, a fool: "my subscripts have prefix and postfix subscripts"

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"Around 200 German universities will lose their subscriptions to Elsevier journals within weeks, because negotiations have failed to end a long-term contract dispute"

that's an interesting way of phrasing "because Elsevier are a cabal of shitbags"

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~ Me, describing the basics of R markdown to a student ~

Me: Okay so have you used R markdown before?

Them: No

Me: Are you familiar with markdown?

Them: No

Me: Hmm. Okay, I know. Have you ever posted on Reddit?

Them: Yeah!

Me: Okay we have a starting point

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