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Friends who just went on the job market n got a job, would y'all be willing to share CVs?
My committee members have had their jobs for a thousand years, and I'd like to see some examples from folks who were just in the academic job struggle.

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A generation-wide death of irony transpired when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stopped being satire and became a brand. In this essay I will

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we trained a neural network on thousands of clickbait titles and you won't believe what happened next

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Technically, it meets the requirements.
RT @medburnbook
give me a horror story from your specialty in five words or less

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Special Issue of Sexualities:
Parenting, Polyamory and Consensual Nonmonogamy. Critical and Queer Perspectives (Editorial group: Daniel Cardoso, Christian Klesse, Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli, Michael Raab, Cornelia Schadler, and Mimi Schippers).
If you wish to contribute to the Special Issue, please, upload an abstract of 250-300 words (including 5 key words, a short biographical note and your contact details) by 30 July 2020 at

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Right-wing ideologue: Academics are conspiring together to—

Me: Whoa honeymuffin. We can't even agree on a damn citation format.

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There's a snarky joke whose source I can't remember

It's about how the time to consult with a statistician is *before* you start your study

Because if you talk to one after, they probably won't be able to fix your study

Although if you're lucky, they may be able to tell you what your study died of

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What are the best tools in 2020? Looking for stuff regarding , and others...

Hijacking the tag again (my real one is pinned).

I'm hoping to find more people to follow here in / / -- I feel like I see more humanities and physical sciences on the local TL.

If you are, or are in or , would you give me a shout?


(I asked for it for Christmas. I'm *really* hard to buy for.)

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Read another chapter in Judea Pearl's The Book of Why for self-study. Go, me!

Bad science / significance testing / morbid (covid) 

In the US, approximately 5% of 40-year-olds who are hospitalized with COVID-19 die in hospital.

Even if we're locked in to significance testing, do we *really* want to argue for a universal, inflexible alpha level across all research topics?

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Any queer makers out here making face masks for Pride? Drop your info!

Got two funding lines in in the last two days!

One a large-ish percentage FTE for 5 months, the other a few hours here and there ongoing.

TFW when people cold-write to my consulting biz email with a request for help, but no indication of interest in paying for said help.

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Friend: what'd you do today
Me: worked on my dissertation
Friend: so you just wrote

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Journal advice 

I revised this paper to do a care ethics approach to Mr. Rogers and some songs he wrote and used.
This really changed the trajectory of the paper, and I'm not sure where to submit it.

Do y'all have any suggestions?

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What's a good piece of free software for making a video of me presenting some slides?

And, what do I need to understand before I try to make a video like that and put it online?


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