I hope SYP is fine and happy. I wish he'd get his band back together but it's alright if he doesn't

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The Antigone test: if you have a healthy relation with your parents, you probably don't have covid.

@Giulia has set up the posters at the SPP/ESPP poster session today! We are quite proud of how they turned out :)

I will be attending questions via zoom, since I couldn't manage to travel in the end.

Apparently Thomas Kuhn was born 100 years ago today.

Participation is free for all, but if you want to join us in BCN (or at least follow it online), get in touch with me so that we can count you in for coffee and Zoom licenses and stuff, as appropriate. I really wish lots of fedi-losophers and fedi-gnitive scientists come!

Why, yes, I just came up with these clever neologisms.

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This is the end-of-project workshop for our "varieties of info" project *and* the kickoff workshop for our *new* project, PI Marc Artiga.
He will tell us all about it during the coffee breaks of the meeting so that's *yet another* reason to come.

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Sooo we have this lil' workshop coming up, on representations in cogsci, in Barcelona (and online). Sept 8 and 9, with Marc Artiga, Dimitri Coelho Mollo, Zoe Drayson, Frances Egan, Stephen Mann, Manolo Martínez (that would be me), Marcin Miłkowski, and Nina Poth. You should come!

#OtD 14 Jul 1896 legendary Spanish anarchist and Civil War fighter Buenaventura Durruti was born. "It is we who built these palaces and cities, here in Spain and in America and everywhere. We, the workers. We can build others to take their place." libcom.org/history/articles/18

Monteverdi's Audi coelum, from his Vespers---is it a bit crypto-atheist or what? 

The singer prays and asks for help, and an echo responds repeating fragments of his verses which make independent sense and sound *as if* God was responding---but it's just the echo. Huge Sartrean / angsty vibes.


I'm sure most of you knew about subaddressing (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Email_ad), but I didn't, and it's neat.

Suppose that your address is foo@example.com. Many email providers support adding tags to the username, introduced by a plus sign: foo+tag@example.com, and will redirect email sent to the resulting addresses to the foo@example.com inbox. This is useful, e.g., in creating per-service addresses to subscribe to stuff online: foo+randomstring@example.com, or whatever.

it's been importing a csv with 20-odd books for minutes now 🤔

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