@manolomartinez I haven't looked into it, but I use squidnotes.com/ to make notes on my android tablet which I'm super happy with. Together with screen casing (e.g. fossbytes.com/android-screen-m) that sounds like a viable option.

Does anybody know of a good way to turn an android tablet into a graphics tablet of sorts? The idea is to use my tablet to draw on the whiteboard on my linux PC. Something like sunnysidesoft.com/virtualtable but for linux

Hey all – if you needed to host lecture videos online and freely available for streaming, what would you do? Is there a nice AWS/S3-self-hosted solution around? (I'm comfortable/familiar with the tech needed for whatever.) I'd really rather not put them on YouTube if I don't have to. :BoostOkay:


A paper that was online for a while is now in its (special) issue. :OpenAccess: I'm particularly pleased to be in the same issue as John Perry.


If you want to follow the last third of UCLouvain's LFILO2970 on Science and Society, it'll be streaming live on Twitch, Friday afternoons from 14–16h Brussels time. Don't make me ban you from chat. Yes, I *am* planning on making some emotes.

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Philosophers in Europe & Middle East, if you're interested in seeing what Philosophers for Sustainability is all about and how you can work with one of its advocacy groups, join our Zoom call tomorrow: Saturday, March 7, 5-6:30pm in Istanbul / or 4-5:30pm in Helsinki / or 3-4:30pm in Vienna / or 2-3:30pm in London time.

Zoom: zoom.us/j/372086262

Can anybody recommend good poetry / short fiction podcasts? English or Spanish.

So a new social media site is only as good as your network! Who out there is doing , , , , , ?

(Ça convient également en français : )

Maybe we can get a big thread going?

Philosopher of biology with wide interests! Also comms consultant for research institutions. I write and think about deep interdependencies & niche construction in biology. What do they mean for individuality? Invested in figuring out how communicators can bridge disciplines & build communities. Promoting sustainability in philosophy and philosophy of science communication. Born in Taiwan. Raised in the US. Based in Europe. Follow me for , & expat musings.

I just love everything about diversityreadinglist.org

The whole thing is so carefully crafted so as to be useful for de-colonising our curriculum.

Hey all, I'm a philosopher working on epistemology, philosophy of cognitive sciences, enativism & ecological psychology, specially interested in issues related to perception and cognition in general. I'm a professor at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil.

Hello everyone! My name is Manolo Martínez. I am a philosopher, working on the philosophy of mind (mostly issues having to do with mental representation) and the philosophy of science (several issues in biology and cogsci). My website gives more details: manolomartinez.net

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