The official LaTeX template goes out of its way to make the final document look like a Microsoft Word abomination 🙄

@yaxu any sufficiently advanced academic conference is indistinguishable from a travel agency.

New tune from Toronto's MISZCZYK, featuring none other than Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab! Great video too.

Album drops July 15, full of collabs including the Space Lady and Chad VanGaalen...can't wait!

#music #toronto #canada #animation

This is just so so cool. A brilliant piece of engineering, explained wonderfully.

Me: *minds his own business*

The 4-week countdown on the Brita pitcher: One week already since you last changed the filter?! Time does relentlessly march on, now doesn't it. Memento mori, and remember to hydrate 💙

Is a a good present for a smart but not super nerdy 11yo? Is there good material (websites, books, preferably in Spanish) that I could then use to hook them in?

Dear Hive mind! I seek papers on Monte-Carlo sampling with custom proposal distributions vs likelihood functions (proposal distributions dependent on likelihood functions). A bit like Hamiltonian sampling methods do but they use a fixed proposal distribution. We would like to develop custom proposals distributions per problem. Methods to create proposal distributions. Please boost.

It's only a hash function if it comes from the hash function region of France, otherwise its just sparkling pretending a surjective function is bijective.

I officially radiate teacher energy - walked past a room and a kid took their legs off a desk

#clojure question 

This is a simple-minded way of implementing function composition in :

(defn my-comp
(fn [& args]
(apply f args)))
([f & funcs]
(fn [& args]
(f (apply (apply my-comp funcs) args)))))

This is bad, I'm told, because you should use `recur`, so that the compiler does tail recursion correctly. But I am not at all sure how `recur` is supposed to work, and in particular not sure how I should modify that function so that it can be `recur`ed. Any tips?

Paris talk on infinitesimal probabilities 19 May 

Next week, I'll take the Thalys to Paris to give my first external talk since the pandemic started. 🚄😷 The title is "infinitesimal probabilities". I plan to cover some paradoxes and a mathematical approach that avoids them.
The talk is part of a series on mathematical infinity organized by Paolo Mancosu. There's a talk by Jean-Michel Salanskis on the same day.
Feel free to register for the live or online meeting.

This (in ) of video installations by Apichatpong Weerasethakul is beautiful. Very much recommended if you happen to be around.

What is the best way to showcase my college work on the Internet? Publish it on a personal web page or use services like

I *think* I have correctly added a link in my website back to this masto instance using the rel="me" attribute and all. What should I be seeing here? I was expecting some kind of tick somewhere.

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