Defense tomorrow 

@Cyborgneticz awesome! My advice is, ehm, plenty of fluids?

Defense tomorrow 

@Cyborgneticz good luck!! Is this your PhD viva?

A paper of mine has been "Awaiting referee assignment" since it was submitted a month and a half ago. This is, as far as I am concerned, a new frontier of horribleness. Those referees that take months to review your manuscript? First we'll take months looking for them.

@jaranta @okf sorry I couldn't be of any help. As a last ditch attempt, if you haven't done this already, you could perhaps methodically add bibliographies at every place vim-pandoc allows, and change bibliography flags accordingly.

@jaranta @okf This is the section of my vimrc dedicated to vim-pandoc:

Apart from that I have my one bib file in ~/.pandoc (as @okf says).

@jaranta @twsh if you want to post your vimrc somewhere, the more eyes the better perhaps

@jaranta just in case what I have might work for you:

let g:pandoc_biblio_bibs = "default.bib"

in my .vimrc, and then default.bib is in ~/.pandoc

With the recent announcement that #Stadia is shuttering, this comic is once again very relevant:

@AYMusic I misread and was expecting Three Weeks in Paradise, but this is cool too

File: Another_Day_in_Paradise.ay
Misc: (C) 199x ESI
Author: Ziutek
Tracks: 1
1 - Another Day in Paradise

@jaranta I'll upload the source somewhere and share the link here, but it's really just vanilla 'wowchemy' (can't bring myself to use that name without scare quotes)

@jaranta I use this "wowchemy" hugo theme for my academic webpage, and they just gleefully break everything every few releases. It's exhausting

@mplouffe :) that makes a lot of sense, actually. Thanks for the tip

@dried Thanks! The problem is that my login is always the same (my email address), and the password is hidden, so it's hard to know where in the cycle I am. But perhaps I can do something with that. Thanks again :)

(I cannot just tell BW to autofill my credentials bc it will autofill the last credentials I used, and not the correct ones for that journal)

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Does anybody know how to make password managers (I use bitwarden) play nice with journal-submission websites such as Editorial Manager or ScholarOne? I'd like bitwarden to recognize that I am at the instance dedicated to journal A and not journal B, but it just gives me every possible password for, say, instances, which breaks things

I'm in one of those bright, fleeting periods of my life where I've managed to configure eduroam on my laptop. Alas, only until I to change my password in a couple months and then for some reason I'll bork things again for a few years.

Fearing your child will want to work as a a prompt engineer is the new fearing your child will want to work as an IG influencer

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