One unsuspended source of pleasure: reading my way into a neighboring field, learning the contours of debates that long preceded me.

In light of the outbreak, this event will be rescheduled for fall 2020 or spring 2021.

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"Sometimes, the discovery of data from an earlier research study borders on the marvelous."

Conducting research on open and collaborative practices in science? Join us in Geneva at CERN for this year's OIS Research Conference. Abstracts due March 13:

"If you’ve noticed your IRB getting a lot more social research–friendly recently, you probably should be thanking the flexibility movement."

This call for submissions about "Imagining Open Infrastructure" looks terrific. Someone should write about Mastodon!

My chapter on hurricane research drones is out in this :OpenAccess: collection, along with 85 other entries!

[Image description: book cover with multicolor text on a white background, listing the chapter titles]

This piece pries open a space for something new, even if it can't quite get to where it's pointing: not all scholarship seeks to be "confirmatory" in the first place.

On authoring, administering, maintaining, archiving, and collaborating in data-intensive science.

"It is through data practices that the 🇪🇺 seeks to constitute its population as a knowable, governable entity and as a people where common personhood is more important than differences."

A nice review of the literature on intercoder reliability, including the case for approaching it "not as a measure of objectivity but as a means of reflexively improving the analysis."

"In humanities data, the interpretive layers that accompany and contextualize the base data may be as important as the data itself."

Are there and/or advocates in these parts? I'm new to Mastodon and would love to connect.

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