Are there and/or advocates in these parts? I'm new to Mastodon and would love to connect.

@marcellaflamme Hi Marcel, welcome to! For sure, there are lots of us who advocate for around here, the more the merrier

@vickysteeves You're a Simmons alum, no? Would love to pick your brain for career advice sometime!

I am a Simmons alum - 2x! Would be happy to talk anytime, email me!

@marcellaflamme me too, but only a juvenile applied linguist, I guess.

@marcjones We recently interviewed a linguist for a study I'm working on about data reuse, and it was cool to learn about the use of open corpuses for certain kinds of work!

@marcellaflamme I have a project kind of on the go to create an open corpus for mainly pedagogical purposes.

@marcellaflamme I'm more of a OpenSource guy and just getting into the topic…

I wouldn't call myself an advocate, but I often have to argue with colleagues about the interest of open access.

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