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Nerding out on a syllabus design unit for and my (virtual) job at Cooperativa Serveis Linguistics de Barcelona. Rereading Long & Crookes (1991),

adding stuff, adding tangents, thinking about how the field has and hasn't moved on in 27 years.

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Three days I have slogged, trying to figure out the answer to a very simple question:

How many times do you need to hear a new word accompanied by its referent before you can consistently pick out the referent, given the wordform?

It turns out that this depends on: similarity between referents, similarity between wordforms, and many other task-based factors. If I had more zeal I would propose a review article, if only to justify the slog time.

I quit the coop I was working with. I am now at a ten-year low of only 1 side job.

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You think you're cool, but you're not goth girl with a raven on the subway cool.

My poster sucked.

Pro: It was a year early so couldn't be assessed.
Con: My experimental design was fubar.
Pro: at least I know.
Con: my ideas seemed stupid so I take it (illogically) that I am stupid.
Pro: I know what to do.
Con: What I have to do is a lot less interesting.

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Very small attendance, but VERY enthusiastic. I count that as a win. OER for affordability, access, and pedagogy.

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Hey! I am a PhD student in Cognitive Science in Budapest, Hungary.

Interests: Social learning, skill transmission (focusing on musical techniques), social cognition

Finished my first ever reviews. Definitely the Reviewer 1.

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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

I recently completed a Master of Arts in Film Studies and am interested in discussing film academia and pretty much anything cinema related!

Specifically interested in Gnosticism as an emerging genre in film studies (The Truman Show, The Matrix trilogy, Dark City, Black Swan). I also like dark family dramas and anything by Malick and PTA.

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Need research subjects? This looks good. Discovered via .

Anybody here tried it? Experiences/results?

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Presenting my poster at our local faculty research conference this Saturday. It's for our state-wide system, so we can all see what everyone's working on. I'm using the same poster I presented at last month's conference, which is handy, even if I did have to have it reprinted (different size restrictions, and it got a bit beat up.)

Decent mark for my MRes lit review. Good feedback, too. I know what needs to be done to get things done.

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Hello friends!

toadliles (myself, @fridgebuzznow, and my spouse) have completed our first album!

Check it out here:

First paper in process for my PhD by pub is likely to involve the Q: "Who is to blame for the cluster fork that is listening instruction in Task-Based Language Teaching?" A: people publishing only behind pay walls and only where teachers never see it.

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