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Nerding out on a syllabus design unit for and my (virtual) job at Cooperativa Serveis Linguistics de Barcelona. Rereading Long & Crookes (1991),

adding stuff, adding tangents, thinking about how the field has and hasn't moved on in 27 years.

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I am starting a journal, Applying Linguistics ( about actually applying linguistics. The interface is not pretty at the moment but the aim:

Easy to read and understand research
Theoretically sound
Peer review by practitioners (basically teachers or others where appropriate) as well as academics
What works as well as what doesn't

Trying to bring the change. It's a bit of an experiment.

Submissions welcome! :BlobCat:

Reminder that content warnings are a good thing and not just to hide spoilers and punchlines.

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My advisor just sent me an email saying he tried to avoid pronouns when introducing me to his class yesterday and that he is sorry if he misgendered me.

This man is Literally 80 years old so the idea that old folx can't learn and change is some bullshit.

Butter? Afraid I don't know what you are talking about.

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Well-meaning but naive people: If we allow scientists to simply withdraw their findings in cases of honest error, we will have better science!

Unscrupulous scientists who literally commit brazen academic fraud: So all I gotta do is make a believable case that the error was "honest" and I can make up whatever bullshit I want?

Well-meaning but naive people: Yes, this will make science better somehow!!

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I heard about Riipen yesterday - it looks like Upwork, but for businesses to partner with students on projects. I'm trying to decide if I'm just overly suspicious of all ed tech in general or is this one sounds extra sketchy. At least they don't charge students directly (they charge schools and businesses.)

I may have to dig around.

At the conference I went to last weekend, Pavel Trofimovich called for more language acquisition stuff to be replicated with similar samples, different populations, different languages, transparent, using and actually communicating with stakeholders and practitioners. Zero pushback, but I am guessing that the earliest career people there will be the ones getting actions done, whereas people in positions to gain feasible funding continue to wring their hands.

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Teaching advice my friend gave me 

I wrote something about the help I have given myself during the first year of my part-time MRes course.

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Scaring off people we don't want here 

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Hello all. I am a student who belong some Japanese small college. I'm majoring English. I love reading most, Japanese and English ones both. These days I started Mastodon then I joined this instance. I would like to know how English speaking people thinking esp. formal communities. What's more I'm always struggling several English & IT certification exams, for my future jobs. Then, I'm trying to be much nicer man. Thanks.

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CfP, game studies 

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i hate how youtube monetization has incentivized everyone to convey information in the form of a youtube video demo even when it is the worst possible format and all you really need is a simple diagram

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Why are Springer books so horrendously expensive?

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Postdocs and the academic job market (-) 

music, bandcamp link 

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