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Nerding out on a syllabus design unit for and my (virtual) job at Cooperativa Serveis Linguistics de Barcelona. Rereading Long & Crookes (1991),

adding stuff, adding tangents, thinking about how the field has and hasn't moved on in 27 years.

I have been absent here because I am trying to finish my (delayed) Master's dissertation.

Half-thought out toots will resume next week.

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My interview went well but I wonder whether it went well enough. :/

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It is a brand new week

I hope that you're safe and happy and maybe you can help others be safe and happy in it too

Best presentation I've seen today is by an undergraduate. Absolutely amazing work by Shonosuke Shimada on Peer Corrective Feedback. He's shown himself to be more knowledgeable about this than many working teachers that I know.

Kei Yuwen (Sp. Going from Chinese characters/kanji)

Shadowing with a focus on meaning and sound, and a shadowing task that requires cognitive effort helps with the learning of lexical bundles.

Takehiro Saito: Seems that a jigsaw discussion approach has really good effect on critical thinking. Also admirable to see how he managed to get students to read and discuss so much despite moving a classroom class to Zoom.  

Gonna attempt some tooting from the JACET Chubu conference.  #英語 

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Here are some tips I've come up with for academics giving remote presentations.

Feel free to let me know what you'd add to this!

Is that Yoko Ogawa? I like her book I think it's called The Housekeeper and the Professor.

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It is very important to say 'I don't know' and to practice not knowing. Academia demands that we be experts, and if we stumble at all then we are punished for it. We are not allowed to have partial knowledge or ongoing knowledge.
But that's toxic. It's okay and good to not know things - even things in your own field.
The beauty of it all is that we will never fully know anything. We can only ever learn more.

Personal happy news re jobs and writing 

My coauthor on a duoethnography seems to be doing amazing work. I got an interview lined up for a tenured job. Fingers and toes and legs and arms and tongue and reticulating tendrils crossed.

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Updates to Community Standards 

Hi friends!

I've made some changes to the Community Standards

The big ones are:

1. "Providing unsolicited advice to strangers" is now explicitly "unwelcome conduct" (nothing happened to prompt this, but I felt it was good to state explicitly, just in case)

2. There is now a rule against "falsely representing oneself as a member of a minority"

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UM GEO 3550 Strike Day 1 

We’re striking for universal remote work for ALL workers, not just grad students, a universal $2500 emergency grant for all grad students, lifting restrictions on childcare subsidies, and defunding campus cops by 50%. These are incredible demands and as one of the oldest grad student unions, it’s our responsibility to push the most radical demands and really bring thjs university to its knees.

Up the strike!
Down with admin!

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Always worth transcribing myself interviewing in my second language to stop myself feeling too clever.

'Um, er, well, er, how did you, er, feel?"


So Freire was disappointing. Am I the only one thinking he didn't go far enough, that he was very patrician - so like mixed messages - and, uh, Mao, Che and Castro quotes?

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RT @Rohan_Naidu
Deeply unappreciated fact: the most "impactful" person in science right now is this Kazakhstani hacker queen. She is the one-woman bridge to the largest repository of scientific knowledge ever collected.

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from my timeline i think a lot of us are starting classes tmrw. good luck!! to students and instructors alike 💜 take care and stay safe, you got this!

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