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ni'o lo cabdei jbobau

Lojban of the day

.i cinciznunsla di'ai ro do

Happy Pride, everyone!

New on my blog:

A sum up and an invitation.

It's about English Language Teacher development and a call to do some research together, open on the internet.


@ojahnn I'd say that's a weird context but the grammar is fine if a little unusual. I find ad hoc more of a written form.

"Don't cross the streams!" Advice for statistics software as well as ghostbusting.

@katebowles Urgh, goodness. I hope all is well and your flight is deeply uneventful.

It's goodnight from Japan, Mastobeings. Be zarjaz to each other.

@lauraritchie @ShorterPearson @katebowles Makes me smile. I'm glad that I know educators pushing back against the Apple Superstar Educationifiers and Google App Smashy Special Dataminey Teachers. I long for the madness to stop (and it is a madness, a collective hallucination that datamining our young people for large companies is 'awesome' or'disruptive').

@lauraritchie @ShorterPearson @katebowles Five quid is cheap! I also posted this a couple of weeks ago about ed tech and what we ask our students to do when we ask them to use web apps:


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@lauraritchie @ShorterPearson @katebowles I've thought about starting an instance. I don't know how much it would realistically cost, or which hosts will host Mastodon.

@ShorterPearson @katebowles @lauraritchie Thanks, Chuck! I loved my Twitter community until the negative behaviour started getting more and more prevalent, including my own. Sometimes it feels like Orwell's 2?-minute hate in 1984.

Ideally, we'd all be able to just set up a Mastodon instance for our students on institutional servers and maybe keep it private. I know at least that all of my institutions would not even humour me and just outright say no. 🙄

@katebowles @ShorterPearson @lauraritchie Hi, sorry to jump in. I have profound reservations about Twitter for my students (English language learners). Some of them have very fragile English Language Identities and I feel Twitter is just too free and easy with meanness, certainly at the moment.

Here is a useful post about free webtools by one of my online acquaintances.

Ooh, a job interview teaching on a CLIL-based course for junior high and high school students aiming to study in foreign universities. Half excited, half scared.

Anyhow, hive mind (I'm sure there are some of you on Mastodon), what were the challenges when you started teaching using CLIL, and what is still a challenge?

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@marcjones I have learned more about a student's strengths & weaknesses from a single project than I have ever learned from a test or quiz. As such, I avoid tests and quizzes whenever possible. Even my final is a rubric-based project.

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@Antanicus @marcjones Thank you. Many of my students still have misconceptions about my grading policies and how much effort they need to put into a project, but I do try.