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Nerding out on a syllabus design unit for and my (virtual) job at Cooperativa Serveis Linguistics de Barcelona. Rereading Long & Crookes (1991),

adding stuff, adding tangents, thinking about how the field has and hasn't moved on in 27 years.

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This week is your LAST CHANCE to get your presenter applications in for - the deadline is Friday, the 1st of July!

This is a broad, interdisciplinary online conference, so we're open to almost any presentation you might want to make.

Send in your abstracts at, or sign up to be a moderator or just a participant at

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Important abortion news - Louisiana 

Abortion is legal until July 8th

If you know someone in a surrounding state who needs an abortion and Louisiana is closest - let them know

Clinics are just now reopening and the backlog will be significant but please spread this info!!

Expect some crappy German toots. I started Duolingo again and lots of YouTube in German, too. Goal is B1 in 12 months (or able to read an academic text).

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Oh y'all - hold on a moment.
Did you know that is taking presentation pitches until

July 1st??

Submit here!

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Why hello there.
Did you know that July 1st is the deadline for presentation submissions?

If you've been on the fence about submitting now is your time!
We are able to have the conference because of all y'all. Your presentations. Your assistance in moderating. Your showing up to watch presentations.

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Are you itching to share your research with an interdisciplinary crew of lovely & attentive folks?

Well submit an abstract to now! We're accepting abstracts until July 1st (which is fast approaching!).

Visit us here for more info!:

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Hello people! I am an editor of the newsletter of the International Society for Artificial Life, and we are looking for contributions to our next edition.

The newsletter is very informal and laid back, and a place to platform and boost young researchers and people interested in Alife.

Share your project / blog / take with us!

You can read our newsletter here:

And you can share your contribution here!

Boosts appreciated :boost_requested:

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If you're on the fence about applying to be a presenter at give a holler!

We'd love to have you

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Working a little bit on my presentation for this year's

You too could make a presentation dear reader:

If you wanted

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@marcjones yes and a wider complication is a lot of the "respectable" literature only differs in degree from essentialism :/ (from my vague memories of teaching a related topic on intercultural communication)

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Had a really positive peer-review experience with Plos One

Very thorough and constructive reviews on a paper of mine

Which incidentally

Was accepted today!

:SurprisedOtter: 📄

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This may shock you, but the internet is not bursting with objective analysis of Chinese, Iranian, or Russian domestic policy, political culture, and civil society. I teach Comparative Politics in a K-12 environment. This means I often run headlong into academic journal paywalls when looking for classroom readings.

I just wanna shout out folks that publish their pre-print and do other subversive acts to democratize knowledge.

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The roster is already filling up with some exciting talks - we're really looking forwards to them!

If you want to present your work between the 25th of July and the 6th of August, make sure to submit your abstract before the 1st of July at

DM us if you have any questions, and remember - we're not a typical conference, so there's no guarantee that the abstract deadline will be extended by 2 weeks at the last minute!

Today in adventures with undergraduate marking

Mark a piece on language and culture by a nice quiet boy. Get cross that he used a Japanese blog as a reference, not so much at the first language source material (he'd get more English practice reading in English) but that it was full of 🐂💩 racial exceptionalism and he wasn't critical enough to see it.

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Hello you fine people.
Want to present at ?
Curious about whether your talk fits the bill?
Wondering about what the hell presenting at a conference is?

Feel free to ask any questions you got.
And also please submit!

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English Professor--Faculty of International Social Sciences, Gakushuin University.

Hashtags to connect.

Research and Practice





(maybe?) (yes)

@gotanda on birbsite and most other places

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OK, I discovered like 10 minutes ago, and I'm super excited about it!
Inspired by @bgcarlisle 's poll, which is how I found out about the school... should I do:
a) A perspective on magnetic molecules as nanomagnets / qubits / p-bits?
b) Our experience with data science trying to contribute something to the chemical design of molecular nanomagnets?
c) Our proposal on electrical two-qubit gates within a pair of clock-qubit magnetic molecules?

Do you enjoy staying indoors during July and August?

Are you looking for something better than bingewatching streaming video?

Do you have something interesting you learned to share with the world? Why not share it at 2022?

It's a multidisciplinary online conference, with organisers/moderators based across time zones, and trying to be as accessible as possible (except to bigots).

We are looking for presenters from 25th July to August 6th. Sign up here:

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