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Nerding out on a syllabus design unit for and my (virtual) job at Cooperativa Serveis Linguistics de Barcelona. Rereading Long & Crookes (1991),

adding stuff, adding tangents, thinking about how the field has and hasn't moved on in 27 years.

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a writing hint for :
keep a compilation document of stuff that you edit out of article manuscripts after peer reviews. often they are seeds of thought and insights that don't fit in well with the article you end up with, but they can be used elsewhere in other pieces and/or be used to inspire further studies

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Dear internet, does anyone have interesting and practical readings on organizing hybrid (online-offline) conferences and academic events, under a framework of inclusion?

This was such a lovely post to read by @lauraritchie on giving people the permission, affirmation, whatever you want to call it, to try, learn, or do things.

Yes I can? YES YOU CAN!

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Junior college marking done. Next, final projects from my 'main' students, tests from my part-time thing and just wait for essays from there, too. Roll on spreadsheetmageddon!

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As the new semester draw closer, I can't help but feel that structuring my teaching statement around lambasting the university's Official Pedagogical Core Document being a poorly written bureaucratic artifact (and how I, master of education, could spot more holes in it than there were actual things to be holes in) was not the smartest of rhetorical moves when applying for jobs at said university

'tis a poorly written, barely grammatical bureaucratic artifact, tho

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Hello. I'm a researcher/technologist with a focus on biomedical informatics. Main focus is creating novel software tools to help clinicians and researchers do their research. I also like trying out new software tech, with an interest in privacy focussed tools.

Outside academia most of my time is spent looking after my young son, but when I get a chance I also like listening to, playing and writing music.

Looking forward to contributing!

Fun podcast about games in language learning. Ludic Language Pedagogy feat. James York (English Language Teacher & Game-based Learning) - 75 - Board Gaming with Education

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Hi! I'm Crystal and I'm a graduated linguistics major from UCLA, with a love of humanities.

I'm also a prospective graduate student for musicology, hoping to study indie music in East Asian countries, and am currently looking for research experience (if anyone out there needs an assistant, for humanities research of every kind -- especially if music related -- please hit me up, I'm available :P)

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my stipend covers my cost of living but i'm not "lucky" bc the university would pay me nothing if it could, and i shouldn't be "lucky," my position should be the fucking norm


Dashing yet careless, English language teacher/applied linguist/materials developer. Task-based language teaching, phonology, listening pedagogy. Also SF, comics, , general (post)modern fiction, electronic music esp. 90s techno and drum n' bass, indie rock.

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Note to members of 

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Subtoot; Angery; Cuss words 

New Year's Eve excitement: finished the Ministry of Education and Science grants-related research form for my university, even though I am currently a student (so don't qualify for grants from the ministry) and the university won't give me a researcher number. All this do I don't have to put up with a shitton of email mid January.

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End of decade pop culture analysis 

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Reminder to new users on

If you are posting to the Local Timeline, please be sure to add CW's

Details here:

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Grad school advice, money things 

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Hey folx. I'm writing a free book called Riot Medicine to help teach people first aid for protests, riots, and insurrections. Ⓐ 🏴 ⚕️

Some volunteers have already completed illustrations, but there's still many more that are needed before this can be distributed. If you're able to help out (even with just a single illustration!) get in touch.

You can find out more at

Examples of content (including illustrations) are provided below.

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