*Finally* finished writing! I promised to share so here it is.


Funny how I'm more excited to share with people "out there" than to submit to my prof. (Should go without saying that your feedback means more). ūüėČ‚Äč

Anyway, this is 1/2 in my "summer papers that must be written" collection. It is about the problems with big prizes (Global Learning XPRIZE), big ed tech and, well, just big.

Comments good, bad and ugly always welcome.


@tdorey It's long. The intro is so appealing. I intend to read this later!

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@marcjones Thank you for reading. And sorry and the length. I am gearing up for a run at a dissertation. The goal for everything from here on out is "lots and lots of words".

@tdorey no, don't be sorry for the length. I just need to be in a situation with sufficient focused time. It's nice to have something really substantial to get ready to read, rather than a snack worth of reading.

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