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Fantasy about tech companies 

~ In the alternate universe where somehow I actually get to write a law ~

The new law: "Sidewalk Labs is illegal because fuck off, Google"

The queen: Good law, 10/10. *Signs bill into law*

Me: *High-fives the queen*

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Fellow scholars, I'm looking for a way/journal/portal to publish methodological details and results from a structured literature search (not a fully qualified literature review) - open access :oa: is a must, open peer review would be nice. Topic is biomedical / medical /health informatics with a focus on laboratory systems. Any ideas or recommendations?

New co-worker seems very nice. Also sent me a journal article today too, so that gets the nerd vote! So that's a yay!

Mental health, academia, journal article 

I was all over this yesterday. I think I will try to do something similar with regard to Japan, particularly non-Japanese teaching staff (due to an off-the-cuff remark about sojourning EFL teachers in uni work here and ADHD). Disclosure of Mental Disability by College and University Faculty: The Negotiation of Accommodations, Supports, and Barriers | Price | Disability Studies Quarterly

Obviously the editor didn't get the review to me.

I get reviews back from an editor today, or probably nighttime my time. The one that had my paper for 2 years. Hoping for minor revisions or even none (dream on, head).

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Got a rejection from a 'good' journal on a paper based on my MA. Read a paper from a different 'good' journal with similar study but with flaws far worse than mine. I'm just going to roar around the kitchen for a while.

A really interesting post on how we communicate with others online for professional purposes, by @lauraritchie How do you do that online thing? Make sure to watch the video. It's very interesting, IMO.

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I'm proposing that we make "in capitalist america..." the new meme for today.

Example: "In capitalist America, bank robs you!"

Trimmed a cheeky 200 words off my lit review for first submission to my uni, with advice "add the cuts later, even though it's infuriating".

Wow. I think I might have finally figured out APA 6th to a novice level, despite having already finishing a Master's degree.

The paper reformat is done, and thank god they asked for it because I saw a kerjillion typos (inc. refs - yikes!).

A new post on my blog: Beyond Utility in Task-Based Language Teaching, now we got a few more language teachers in here.

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That #blog challenge I mentioned a few days back... #OpenBlog19
I did a post - chose the topic: What does innovation in teaching look like?

For me it has to do with a playground and a beach. :) #learning #teaching

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Blogging / professional / network question:

How do you leverage your writing and your professional profile with your networks online?

I'm talking to students about this and would LOVE input.

#asking (please boost) #question #blog #OER #networks

Submitted chapter to editor. Next, revise a paper so that it really does abide by APA style. Pffffft!!

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Hey, there! It's nice to meet you all. I am a linguist who runs a university Japanese Program.

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It's the 'comb through sage and other databases for lit review' time

the worst part of paper writing

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