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I have been busy with stuff for my PhD and work projects. I see new people! Yay! So, re-

Work:Toyo University, Japan. Also 'researcher at large' (i.e. pre-doctoral, pre-matriculation) at TU Dortmund, Germany (distance learning). English L2 receptive phonology research; nexus of psycholinguistics and classroom language teaching. Listening. TBLT. Getting more into CALL but I am a sceptic.

English: L1
日本語 話せるけどちょっと微妙です。
Deutsch: Ich will Deutsch lernen, aber...

Edited videos with a pair ov contrasting vowels.

"study another vowel contrast, too"

Pick other vowels (with rationale).

Not in the bloody videos, are they?!

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We still need moderators for

We only have 9 people signed up to moderate, and we have 20 presentations. Moderators are key to the conference.

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Hi friends!
We have over 10 spots available for presenting. So if you've been on the fence - hop off that fence (if you'd like to)

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My plane's TV screen is stuck on this mystifying frame:

Conference submission in. And a tiny article that has been haunting my dreams for a year or so has finally been submitted to a small OA journal, too.

Some may find my Teaching, Planning, Preparation and Assessment Tracker from by useful.

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Waou, lots of cool answers, but I guess I forgot the need for a control group, oops!

If you could boost again, please? :boost_requested:

Only for cis people: do you have an internal voice or internal monologue? And how does it sound, gender-wise?

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Hey friends don't forget to keep thinking about !

It is an interdisciplinary academic online conference. If you have any questions about your ideas for a presentation, ask us!

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What wellness is marketed as:
-Body lotions
-Fancy juices

What wellness ACTUALLY looks like:
-Health care coverage
-Access to therapy
-Walkable cities
-Green spaces
-Living wages
-Paid time off
-Physical activity
-Close knit communities

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If you have any questions about what it's like to present at @SummerSchool please feel free to ask!

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Hello! Scholar.Social is excited to host the second , a free, indisciplinary online academic conference - roughly spanning 7/26-8/4 🌞

We'll be looking for: people to help organize, moderators for the presentations, and presenters! Stay tuned for more details 👀

You can check out past presentations here:

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Hey friends!
Scholar is putting on the second
2Summer2School please follow the account @SummerSchool we will be posting updates from there.

If you are new to scholar - is a free interdisciplinary academic conference. Last year we learned about spiders, space, linguistics, AC, science, and loads more topics! We will be putting out an ask for additional organizers. If you have any questions please direct them at the @SummerSchool account

:) When does your new job start? And can they handle the awesome?

First day of teaching at the new job was great. The new students are super keen!

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NFT, blockchain thoughts 

"We have a problem."
"What's that?"
"Digital things are functionally infinite and there's no scarcity to be found."
"How is that a problem?"
"We need to restrict it."
"Oooookay....? Still not sure how lack of scarcity is a pr—"
"I've invented a number that says I alone own this digital thing."
"What? By what authority?"
"Because I wasted a crapton of energy to make this number."
"I'm a genius"
".... So you're wasting resources to invent a number for the sole purpose of restricting access to otherwise-functionally-unlimited things?"
"It's the future."

Orientation for new job today. Presentation from the chair of the university (my translation): "We want our internet lessons to be revolutionary." (Oh please!) "Not just paperless." (Hmm.) "And we have support staff actively researching ways of innovating and supporting online teaching. Please feel free to consult them." (Actually astounded!)

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Me: At least the Windows work computer is good for video calls on Microsoft Teams

Windows: It looks like you're in the middle of a Teams call; I am applying a mandatory update NOW and also restarting you're welcome PLEASE WAIT PLEASE WAIT :loading:

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Either a middle school teacher was bumped to elementary, or someone’s gonna be surprised when the principal calls...

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My favorite internet fight is when people say they don't devalue education, just education that isn't real.

The hell does that mean.

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