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Mariano Mollo @[email protected]

all elements of the periodic table as emojo

boost if you agree

PSA: if you are still using Comic Sans (and not for children's stuff/maybe as a dyslexia font), stop, and consider

@denvit Ciao, ho provato a registrarmi sulla vostra istanza ma non mi arriva l'email di conferma. Mi sono registrato su adesso ma controllate se il problema persiste.

I'm not gonna suggest your workers' collective should be on Mastodon. But I AM going to hope that amongst yourselves you have other presences than the public Facebook which is the only one I can find. Because while it's not a bad way to grab people to start, it's actually dangerous.

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Hard to explain why or how I think the #Meltdown and #Spectre vulnerabilities are hilarious.

It's kinda like a bad joke.

Oops, we accidentally your CPU.
Solution: replace CPU

I think it's the conceit of these institutions.

They took shortcuts and optimized one factor at the cost of the others. Maybe it's that #complexity is a real problem and people assume it will work itself out somehow. 🤷‍♂️

It's an important lesson for the future of computing.

I'm feeling really inspired about a better internet thanks to quite a few people here. I've already learned a few things. Don't give in to despair. Nobody is going to build a decentralized internet but people like you.

Found this on reddit:
Other than the Facebook debate that we love, the whole video is truly inspiring.

gettin a head start in this sweet new cryptocurrency called chocolatecoin

Semantik, a KDE app surprised me today with its tip of the day:
I'm really pleased about how well-finished most KDE apps are.

Hi everyone,
I'm at the third year of university, studying physics at Federico II in Naples, Italy.

I'm resolved to use Mastodon over Facebook starting this year, because I feel the latter is designed to absorb my attention, more than it is supposed to connect me with others.
This article guided me:

I am interested in FLOSS and participate in my local physics students' association