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Mariano Mollo @mariano

Hi everyone,
I'm at the third year of university, studying physics at Federico II in Naples, Italy.

I'm resolved to use Mastodon over Facebook starting this year, because I feel the latter is designed to absorb my attention, more than it is supposed to connect me with others.
This article guided me:

I am interested in FLOSS and participate in my local physics students' association

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@Ricardus Yeah it is, but it's got a lot of wasted potential because of bad politics.

@mariano Welcome! Do you know about Nice org working on moving more/all software in the non-attention-economy direction; good read.

Also please tell us cool physics things! Toooootally not-just-me is obsessed with cool physics. :D

@heironymous No, I didn't, thanks for letting me know!

Totally, I'll show you some cool physics every now and then! :)