.@FT@twitter.com visits Zürich, finds one big gallery 😉.
My favorite neighborhood restaurant/ Beiz was turned into an empty room where self-important yuppies gather once a month to stare at broken snowboards.
Thankfully there's more to love here than galleries 🫶.

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"Multilevel network interventions: goals, actions, and outcomes"

A new paper out - a result of thinking by many people led by Garry Robins.

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On digitalization and sustainability transformations (in 🇩🇪).
I argue that we need to consider these societal transformations jointly. Good starting points:
- material consequences
- integrating sufficiency perspectives
- think about who is enabled - and who is not/ left out (!)

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On digitalization and sustainability transformations (in 🇩🇪).
I argue that we need to consider these societal transformations jointly. Good starting points:
- material consequences of digitalization processes
- integrating sufficiency perspectives

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Die Digitalisierung hat materielle Konsequenzen, wobei Nachhaltigkeit oft vergessen geht. @mario_angst_sci@twitter.com von der @UZH_dsi@twitter.com findet deshalb, die beiden gesellschaftlichen Transformationsprozesse müssen gemeinsam gedacht und angegangen werden. news.uzh.ch/de/articles/news/2

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Von "smarten" Städten zu Online-Reparaturplattformen. Die Welt ist je länger je mehr voller Beispiele, wo Digitalisierungsprozesse materielle Konsequenzen haben. Die Kolumne der @UZH_dsi@twitter.com beschreibt, wo sich und beissen. inside-it.ch/dsi-insights-digi

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When teaching causal inference with DAGs, I tell students to imagine association passed b/w nodes like water; adjustment is like blocking the stream. But that was still hard to visualize! But @rlmcelreath@twitter.com created a phenomenal animation showing confounding! youtube.com/watch?v=QiHKdvAbYI

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Don't want to fly to an overseas conference but still want to meet other researchers in person? Consider hosting a conference satellite 🛰️ - we did it this summer. I collected some lessons learned here:

here for it

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Everyone else's Twitter feed is morphing from programming to bikes and urbanism... right?

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.@uzh_ub@twitter.com compiled a list of Swiss Platinum journals (no costs for reader or authors).
Not a single policy/ / public admin journal in the list ☹️.

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Um Strategien für die weitere Entwicklung des Platinum-OA-Publizierens in der Schweiz zu setzen, hat das PLATO Projekt der UZH hat nun erstmals eine Liste aller Diamond Open Access Zeitschriften in der Schweiz erfasst: uzh.ch/blog/ub/2022/08/23/plat twitter.com/UZH_ch/status/1547

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Why blog more? I've been very inspired by the idea of working in public a bit more as a researcher (eg. by the intro of @andrewheiss@twitter.com to this post: andrewheiss.com/blog/2022/05/2).

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I want to blog more regularly (why? see below). I doubt this will be a popular poll (some niche stuff 😅) but can you help me prioritize what to write about first?

Now this looks like super nice research. Cannot wait to read this!

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Planning for sustainability is key, but how do we increase the democratic legitimacy of it?
We discuss this in our just published article at @PNASNews@twitter.com by our colleagues @WickiMichael@twitter.com, @hofer_kat@twitter.com and @kaufmada@twitter.com



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Out for a qualitative interview - haven't done one of those in a while! Wish me (or my interview partners 😅) luck 😬. 😉

Here is how I implemented a multi-language Quarto website - and also my first blogpost on my new website 😍:
Still room for improvement but hope this helps and we'll see more multi-language sites in all the beautiful non-English languages out there!

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Multi-language website with ! I got it working and thanks to the new profiles feature of @quarto_pub@twitter.com it was super easy.
Gonna write up a quick summary on how I implemented it later. twitter.com/mario_angst_sci/st

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