@thebestsophist well we'll see, The Expanse is trying to be pretty down to Earth, so to speak. But you're right, most are ridiculously, wonderfully unrealistic.

@markcrowley i’ve heard really good things about the expanse—including several folks saying it’s better than the book (!) Haven’t had time/resources to watch yet.

seaquest definitely seems to be nailing near-future globalization and economics in a way few others have tried

@thebestsophist it's great, I haven't read the books and I'm still catching up on this season. But it's a bit farther out in the future, so we can't know how realistic it will be. I've forgotten about all the shore politics on sequest, I should go back and look at it. If I can stand that kid and the dolphin for 40 minutes :|


@thebestsophist I'm trying to think if there's a hacker/computer futuristic SF show that was on target, but nothing is coming to mind.

@markcrowley this is legit why I’m getting excited for scifi coming out of taiwan/hong kong/china. they all seem to be imagining the near future in ways we’re not. we’ve been kinda skipping to fantastical or the singularity and they’re all “let’s build a hyperrealistic world to think about the social implications of globalization and resource inequality”

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