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@thebestsophist I'm trying to think if there's a hacker/computer futuristic SF show that was on target, but nothing is coming to mind.

@thebestsophist it's great, I haven't read the books and I'm still catching up on this season. But it's a bit farther out in the future, so we can't know how realistic it will be. I've forgotten about all the shore politics on sequest, I should go back and look at it. If I can stand that kid and the dolphin for 40 minutes :|

Big new paper out by a colleague of mine in my lab! :)

Nonpublication of Trial Results for New Neurological Drugs: A Systematic Review

@thebestsophist well we'll see, The Expanse is trying to be pretty down to Earth, so to speak. But you're right, most are ridiculously, wonderfully unrealistic.

@LoganDice That's a good list focused on the recent advances in Deep Learning.

Two other great books are
- "Artificial Intelligence: Foundations of Computational Agents" by Poole and Mackworth (free online
covers the traditional and broader scope of AI and logic.
- "Machine Learning: A Probabilistic Perspective" by Kevin Murphy - this goes into lots of detail on probability models for learning beyond just Neural network approaches.

I came across something yesterday presented in the Gingko editor and was looking for a way to procrastinate on a grant and now I'm hooked. It may also help with the writing. It may be just new the editor glow but I think it's love.

It's hierarchical, has VIM/Gmail key binding for moving around and lets you export to lots of different formats including LATEX and Markdown (also boring Word). If you are looking to get a kick on a new writing project try it out.

: linguist working on semantics and pragmatics and some issues in philosophy of language, etc, in Tokyo, currently mostly interested in social meaning and related things.

Masto time 💃🏻
I’m B Cordelia Yu, I’m Taiwanese-American transfemme enby, and a content & editorial strategist mostly working around issues of science/environmental/social justice, civictech, and academic coms.
My research is on deliberative democracy and political cognition. I seem to be giving a lot of talks about inclusion in tech and participatory organizing for social justice.

@thebestsophist I've half-heartedly tried to start using Zotero a few times and it's never stuck. I have so much data in Mendeley it's so often almost so useful. It is also frustrating though (other than being Elsevier, which, ya) because on most setups I use the font is somewhere between size 4 and 6. I'm guessing, but it's unreadable on my MS surface for example. I just tried JabRef recently and it's quite good. Ugly and clunky but fast and adjustable.

Scholarly intro toot.

My research spans multiple areas of , specifically and . I focuss on algorithms, tools and theory at the intersection of ML, Optimization and Probabilistic Modelling. In particular I look at domains with and large datasets. I often work in collaboration with researchers in other fields such as sustainable , , and .

@bgcarlisle Reviewers comments are always helpful. But that's a ridiculously fast turnaround. Is that how it always is in Medicine?

@socrates Hi, I just put in the placeholder when you mentioned it. I'm @compthink as well. Now the trick will be to see if we can get anyone else to join 🤔 .

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