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Debbie @maron

Teaching a class on network theory makes my heart oh-so-happy. Case in point: The Erdos-Bacon-Sabbath number crew: 🤘

Natalie Portman, Buzz Aldrin, Imogen Heap and Thomas Edison all make the cut.

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@maron Best internet rabbit hole I've jumped down in a long time.

@Holly LOL I know right. I'm glad I clarified some stuff with my friend though; I thought that because I worked with a guy who knew Black Sabbath my Sabbath number was "2", but she explained I would have to've played in a band with my colleague who would have had to have played with Black Sabbath for that to be true.

Networks seem to be of a certain 'kind' (either knowing someone, playing in a band, collaborating on a paper, etc etc)