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Human interested in humans, also curious about every kind of narrative media and digital stuff, currently studying archaeology with a particular interest for topics like: public involvement, social justice, environmental sustainability and digital humanities.
I'm still learning how this platform works, but feel free to communicate with me, please 🖖

Didn't know Yuumei supported this directly! Their art always has been an emotional source of connection with environmental (and more) topics for me... check their art at 🌱

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"I took part in the action to point out the scientific facts about the escalating climate crisis - a development that threatens to deprive us all of a safe and liveable future." -Dr. Nana-Maria Grüning

"It really hurt, and was completely unnecessarily -the Berlin police are using this technique as a punishment to silence peaceful people resisting the destruction of our society, our livelihoods, our children" -Prof. Dr. Niko Froitzheim

@ScientistRebellion :SciRebel:

Making an unlisted thread with visuals (or not only? Who knows if I find audio/text worth sharing here) that I find and I'd like to keep/share. 🌱

[DISCLAIMER: images are not mine if not stated otherwise and rights are -well- I don't know if reserved or not, because for most of them I can't track down the original authors, to ask under which license they released :/ ]

Interesting project reboost, open seeds, solarpunk 

TL;DR Project is to breed a free variety of Rye. They need 30,000 Euros for funding, but have only 23,000 so far. Deadline is June 3rd, 2022. 🌱

Commercially available seeds are controlled by single companies - no one may grown them on their own.
Open Source Seeds take idea from software (free licenses) to achieve the opposite: create seeds that are (and will be forever) free to use, remix and grow on your own.

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Dato che il clima globale è quello che è, ho deciso di fare dell'artivismo per sollevare un po' l'umore di chi guarda.

Ho creato queste due opere su cartone di recupero, con acrilici, fiori secchi e colla vinilica e le ho lasciate in giro per la città.

Per le parole, ho attinto dal ritornello di Love revolution dei Russkaja - .

Mi piacerebbe se altrə artistə in giro per l'Italia, ma anche altrove, facessero lo stesso, lasciando bellezza in giro affinché venga trovata - e anche portata a casa.

Non serve a nulla contro la pandemia, non serve a nulla contro la guerra, non serve a nulla contro la crisi, ma quando trovo qualcosa di bello per strada son contenta, e spero di rendere contenta altra gente in questo modo.

#arterandagia #illustration #mastoart #artivism #joinme

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Gira questo #meme sul buco nero della Via Lattea e non potevamo non condividerlo! 😁
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How nebulae are made💫✨

Up above
In the astral plane
Lies a star that once shined ablaze
Now full of anguish
Full of dread
It feels the end ahead

And the time comes near
And the tears pour out
And she cries and cries
Until she’s vanished into her demise

It’s once again quiet
Just ashes left astray
Just glimmers and sparkles
Forming beauty out of her doom
#mastoart #poetry #space

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Scholar Social is taking a break from new sign-ups for the time being to allow the new people who recently joined to either settle in if they like it here, or wander off if they don't

I'll also be able to gradually work through the list of remaining people who signed up that I haven't even gotten to yet

Depending on how many people stick around, registrations may open again at a later date

The priority is ensuring that effective moderation is possible and maintaining community ethos

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The scientists are now supporting at the GIANT street blockade in Højbro Plads. Come join us! Climate Revolution Now!

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Recommendation for Scholar users especially 

Set your default posting privacy level to Unlisted and post every weirdo thought that comes through your brain there

And then be intentional about what things go on the Local Timeline—everyone on the instance will see those

That way, there's space for both

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Scientist Rebellion Italy supports the 3 days of mobilisation by in Venice on 27-29 May.
On Friday 6 May @ 7pm-9pm CEST we present the action👉🏽 It'd be beautiful to have rebels from all over Europe to meet up and learn from each other! 1/

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I'm an editor at an international academic publisher. I've been on the fedi for a while, but I joined s.s only in Dec 2021. I hadn't had the time to set up my account, but finally I'm joining the influx!

My day job is mostly commissioning and reviewing proceedings. I have a background in research (PhD in physics, postdoc for a couple of years). Please check out my bio for more of my interests.

Also queer as **** and probably queering your research.

Nice to meet you!

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Hey new friends

Please read our Community Standards

It's short, and it may save you from making a faux pas in your first post!

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Last week I joined @ScientistRebellion in civil disobedience.
As a master student of Archaeology I know we humans have always struggled to create and maintain social justice in our communities, even in millennia of favorable climate. Now we're causing the global temperature to rise at degrees we've never endured in the whole of our existence as a species.
This is simply not the story of humanity I'd want anyone in the future to ever unearth.

🌱 :trowel: :SciRebel:

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"Climate activists are sometimes depicted as dangerous radicals. But the truly dangerous radicals are the countries increasing the production of fossil fuels." - @antonioguterres, April 2022

Please help us with legal support:


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Ciao a tutti!

Da due anni con alcuni amici sto portando avanti il progetto:

🌿 Clorofilla - podcast ecologista

Un modo per chiacchierare di #ecologia #ambiente #scienza #cambiamentoclimatico e #comunicaizone con personaggi incredibili: siamo arrivati fino all'ufficio stampa del MiTE!

✅ Ci trovate sulle principali piattaforme #podcast

💚 Sono felice di aver scoperto @mastodon grazie ad un post di @kenobit

👉In foto la mia faccia dopo aver intervistato Luca Mercalli!

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