Caldanelle Excavation, last day, 31-07-2021

The open day at the archaeological site was a success as even I managed to talk to visitors and spark some curiosity about the context. Here I share you the video made by the Odysseus and first posted on facebook (original link: ): how good can uplifting music make a bunch of drone videos? >.<

I must say I'm happy having managed to postpone my 2° dose vaccine and stay here until the very end and take part to this visit event!!

Caldanelle Excavation, last (?) daily update, 30-07-2021

Found a possible cut in front of the bigger wall under the main one, but we'll stop there for this campaign.
However, my favourite discovery remains the lil' bonfire layer. It's a cool example of everyday people stories, something we do not often get to reconstruct this precisely, as layers and structures usually tell yearly to centuries-long macro-histories!

Last day, hope you've enjoyed the updates, as I'm ultimately happy about them 🖖

Caldanelle Excavation, cumulative update, 29-07-2021

Previous days we freed the "corridor" from layers spared for roots, making it entirely visible from end to end. Now cleaning and documentation is priority, along with 3D models and the preparation for the open-day.

Excavation is coming to an end and I'll share other sporadic updates with last thoughts and the micro-blogging experience. Meanwhile, please don't be afraid to comment/ask anything, I'll be glad to engage in a chill conversation!!

Caldanelle Excavation, crowdfunding campaign update, 27-07-2021 

Some days ago we started a crowdfunding campaign to restore the main wall with the arched entrance, in order to safely open for visit and deepen the excavations around.
Here's the link, we already raised 600€ which is unbelievable for such a small site, the goal being 3000.

Once again, the campaign page is Italian-only, but if you'll consider a little donation I'll be more than pleased to translate it to you!

Caldanelle Excavation, graphic logo update, 26-07-2021

We were trying to come up with a logo for the archaeological site and I'm proud to present you -first preview for the mastodon community only (as you know, sadly enough, we're so few it won't be a problem if I show you before anyone else 😬)- my personal take on it, which has been approved!!

I'm no graphic designer, and I'd have preferred some to be involved in this, though I couldn't convince directors to hire one so here it is: how's it?

Caldanelle Excavation, Friday late update, 23-07-2021

The structure under the main wall may suggest an earlier and wider wall, not mentioned by sources. Favourite discovery of the day a little circular, thin, grey layer with ashen consistency: found chalk and a brick burned on the exterior surface.

Looking at stratigraphic relations, it's most likely to be a one-day only little bonfire, made by workers levelling the ground and fixing tools or warming food and themself one day after the other!!

Caldanelle Excavation, daily update, 22-07-2021

Digging continued in area 2000, a 3D model of the corridor is wip after cleaning the surface layer and the walls, while I found this little metal thing (~ 5cm length x ~ 2cm width) in the trench near the main wall.

It's heavy but thin (< 3mm), maybe lead, and my first guess was a piece of horse harness... but I'm not an expert of the topic, nor is anyone here, so if someone wants guessing is open!!

Caldanelle Excavation, daily update, 21-07-2021

Even trickier discoveries today: a foundation level mid-height of the main wall, left to the arched entrance, or a later restoration? Meanwhile area 2000 gave us a thick white layer, falling down adherent to the external corner of the structure, gypsum deposit from a later building phase or sulphurous accumulation due to a thermal spring?

Any case would be tricky for reasons I would be pleased to try explain in comments if anyone is interested 🖖

Caldanelle Excavation, daily update, 20-07-2021

Mind-cracking hypotheses on two alignments of bricks, inserted vertically on what we thought was the floor layer at the end of the corridor. Some surviving roof-tiles at one of its ends revealed it to be drainage canals, but... they just don't make sense!! Diagonally within differently oriented walls and structures and none seems to be coherent in terms of chronology...

If the drain doesn't predate the walls then why, where did the water go? D:

Caldanelle Excavation, daily update, 19-07-2021

Area 2000 (ex "church") definitely revealed an entrance, digging continues at the end of the corridor, while the trench in front of the main wall keeps on showing fragments of glazed pottery and a lil' ring of metal: piece of chain-mail?

I was thinking of a more chill tone for the toots here, like, look at the ring-thing pic: my first thought was "My preciousss!!" what would have been yours? ;D

Caldanelle Excavation, (delayed) daily update, 16-07-2021

Personally found a coin in the "church" area (from now on "area 2000" since it's quite surely not a church :/), this one might be identified due to a clear "asterisk" symbol on one side.
Meanwhile we're trying to make sense of the arch-like structure at the end of the corridor: may have it covered the N-E entrance?

As promised to @frustratedantiquarian, here's the sketch of my survey around the site to find traveler's pathways!!

Caldanelle Excavation, daily update, 14-07-2021

Digging continued in all of three areas, uncovering the end of the collapsed arch (and of the whole "corridor"!!), while on the "church" we found traces of internal walls.
The trench near the main wall seems resulted of voluntary accumulation.

Using the "..." is an interesting way of saying "I'm not sure that's correct but I have to call it someway", I don't like it, but it's actually better than using academic jargon... better suggestions?

Caldanelle Excavation, daily update, 12-07-2021

Digging further down the corridor revealed a new piece of structure, maybe a pillar for the ladder (wooden as lighter extension of the stone steps) and a collapsed one entirely of bricks, potentially an arch?
In the main wall area, we started a trench outside the W part of the squared structure to better understand it, unearthing yet another (totally unrecognizable) coin.

Toot delayed due to poor connecton but feel free to ask about curiosities!!

Caldanelle Excavation, daily update, 09-07-2021

Newly found openings in the north-easternmost area of the "corridor", one which was evidently closed during a later period.
Meanwhile, in the filling of the squared structure, we might have found the earlier layer along with more pottery, glass fragments, bones and... another coin!! Very damaged though, so the extended pottery fragments of "maiolica" would probably be more useful for dating.

2nd week ended with yangs: new updates next monday!!

Caldanelle Excavation, daily update, 08-07-2021

After a delayed start due to rain, we found the first coin of the year!! Coins are not valuable for their monetary value as much as they're an easy clue to date a layer, which in this case is the collapse inside the north-easternmost opening in the corridor's wall. Meanwhile, in the squared structure superimposed to the entrance, we found small animal bones and XIV-XV c. CE pottery within a clay layer.

Dismissed but earlier used to collect water?

Caldanelle Excavation, daily update, 07-07-2021

Today, another discovery adding features to the space inside the central opening in the wall!! Cleaning the brick floor some meter further, we found five steps of another ladder going up, made of well-squared stones on the top with bricks underneath to level them correctly.
Meanwhile, another group is digging the filling of a later squared-structure superimposed to the main (?) arched entrance to the medieval site.

Multiple floors granted?

Caldanelle Excavation, 06-07-2021
(tried "delete and redraft" on previous toot for a typo in the date... sorry boosters)

Today we extended the digging area by going further N-E along the corridor, reaching its end at a ladder-like structure. Other extensions are about removing collapse in two of the openings on the wall, revealing central one to have a brick floor.

That's all, what are you curious about? What kind of updates would you like to see other than just the descriptions I'm doing rn?

Caldanelle Excavation, 05-07-2021

Digging began a week ago, the whole "corridor" has been freed from a brick/stones collapse layer with few 16th c. pottery in it. Interesting structures unearthed are: part of a ladder running along one side of the corridor and walking up roughly directed South-West, while on the other side three openings (doorways?) crossing the wall.
What do you think? Any polite comment is well accepted and I'll try to answer as I can, since I'm new to the context as well!!

Archaeological excavation at Caldanelle, GR, Italy - A micro-blogging

From this tooth on I'll be sharing updates with photos and comments, as daily as possible, on the excavation I'm taking part to at the archaeological site of Caldanelle.
It's a medieval thermal context going from the 14th to the 18th century CE. The campaign is hosted by the local archaeological association "Odysseus2007".
Here I share their nice website and the banner of the campaign (Italian only sorry :/)

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