@b @okf @SummerSchool @icvw you're all so very kind and I'll go through the contents asap!! :BlobCatHeart:

@okf @SummerSchool that would be very kind of you as again I'll be camping with potentially no connectivity :BlobCatSurprised:

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Coming soon: 2021-08-04 at 4:00 PM UTC

@okf presents:

The philosophy of action, the epistemology of possibility, and force-users in Star Wars

Sign up here! docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI

(Graphics by @csepp)

@SummerSchool would love to attend, but I'll be camping those days and I'm not even sure connection will work there, how long is this single event anyway?

Caldanelle Excavation, last day, 31-07-2021

The open day at the archaeological site was a success as even I managed to talk to visitors and spark some curiosity about the context. Here I share you the video made by the Odysseus and first posted on facebook (original link: fb.watch/75Hdy_6RTR/ ): how good can uplifting music make a bunch of drone videos? >.<

I must say I'm happy having managed to postpone my 2° dose vaccine and stay here until the very end and take part to this visit event!!

Caldanelle Excavation, last (?) daily update, 30-07-2021

Found a possible cut in front of the bigger wall under the main one, but we'll stop there for this campaign.
However, my favourite discovery remains the lil' bonfire layer. It's a cool example of everyday people stories, something we do not often get to reconstruct this precisely, as layers and structures usually tell yearly to centuries-long macro-histories!

Last day, hope you've enjoyed the updates, as I'm ultimately happy about them 🖖

Caldanelle Excavation, cumulative update, 29-07-2021

Previous days we freed the "corridor" from layers spared for roots, making it entirely visible from end to end. Now cleaning and documentation is priority, along with 3D models and the preparation for the open-day.

Excavation is coming to an end and I'll share other sporadic updates with last thoughts and the micro-blogging experience. Meanwhile, please don't be afraid to comment/ask anything, I'll be glad to engage in a chill conversation!!

@deerbard found it in a readme for a kde splash screen once. Wondered what it was and loved it from the very acronym xD

Caldanelle Excavation, crowdfunding campaign update, 27-07-2021 

Some days ago we started a crowdfunding campaign to restore the main wall with the arched entrance, in order to safely open for visit and deepen the excavations around.
Here's the link eppela.com/it/projects/30978-u, we already raised 600€ which is unbelievable for such a small site, the goal being 3000.

Once again, the campaign page is Italian-only, but if you'll consider a little donation I'll be more than pleased to translate it to you!

Caldanelle Excavation, graphic logo update, 26-07-2021

We were trying to come up with a logo for the archaeological site and I'm proud to present you -first preview for the mastodon community only (as you know, sadly enough, we're so few it won't be a problem if I show you before anyone else 😬)- my personal take on it, which has been approved!!

I'm no graphic designer, and I'd have preferred some to be involved in this, though I couldn't convince directors to hire one so here it is: how's it?

Caldanelle Excavation, Friday late update, 23-07-2021

The structure under the main wall may suggest an earlier and wider wall, not mentioned by sources. Favourite discovery of the day a little circular, thin, grey layer with ashen consistency: found chalk and a brick burned on the exterior surface.

Looking at stratigraphic relations, it's most likely to be a one-day only little bonfire, made by workers levelling the ground and fixing tools or warming food and themself one day after the other!!

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@alpine_thistle I love to think of disciplines studying the past as a way of remembering that people has been/is/will be always the same: always different!!
Observing material culture as manuscripts, or in my case building areas as I'm part of an archaeological excavation of a medieval thermal site rn, is a great training to tear down a lot of stereotypes (like, "medieval ppl can't properly build stuff", then you find out they cleared and cleaned whole areas to the ground to build anew ;D )

Caldanelle Excavation, toots scheduling update, 25-07-2021

As I'm a bit busy lately, and connectivity is not helping here, I'll publish the Friday late update asap
Also, updates for next days will be flexible and focused on the related public outreach projects.
I'll do this to better enjoy the few days I'm left with the rest of the group (since I'll leave the excavation earlier, skipping the last 3 digging days and the visit-open-day, to go back in my region and get the 2nd dose vaccine done) 🖖

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I continue to be enchanted by medieval self-portraits. We tend to think of the Middle Ages as a time without any kind of individuality or self-esteem, which isn't true, and sometimes you find little manuscript dudes that remind you that people are people and have always wanted to be remembered as people

Caldanelle Excavation, daily update, 22-07-2021

Digging continued in area 2000, a 3D model of the corridor is wip after cleaning the surface layer and the walls, while I found this little metal thing (~ 5cm length x ~ 2cm width) in the trench near the main wall.

It's heavy but thin (< 3mm), maybe lead, and my first guess was a piece of horse harness... but I'm not an expert of the topic, nor is anyone here, so if someone wants guessing is open!!

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The Linux Foundation are carrying out a survey on "Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in Open Source", and I know this is something #foss #freesoftware and #opensource people (and opponents thereof!) on the Fedi have opinions on. So please boost and fill in.

Contributing to an evidence base may be a way of highlighting the problems and shaming people with money into doing something about them.


Caldanelle Excavation, daily update, 21-07-2021

Even trickier discoveries today: a foundation level mid-height of the main wall, left to the arched entrance, or a later restoration? Meanwhile area 2000 gave us a thick white layer, falling down adherent to the external corner of the structure, gypsum deposit from a later building phase or sulphurous accumulation due to a thermal spring?

Any case would be tricky for reasons I would be pleased to try explain in comments if anyone is interested 🖖

Caldanelle Excavation, daily update, 20-07-2021

Mind-cracking hypotheses on two alignments of bricks, inserted vertically on what we thought was the floor layer at the end of the corridor. Some surviving roof-tiles at one of its ends revealed it to be drainage canals, but... they just don't make sense!! Diagonally within differently oriented walls and structures and none seems to be coherent in terms of chronology...

If the drain doesn't predate the walls then why, where did the water go? D:

Caldanelle Excavation, daily update, 19-07-2021

Area 2000 (ex "church") definitely revealed an entrance, digging continues at the end of the corridor, while the trench in front of the main wall keeps on showing fragments of glazed pottery and a lil' ring of metal: piece of chain-mail?

I was thinking of a more chill tone for the toots here, like, look at the ring-thing pic: my first thought was "My preciousss!!" what would have been yours? ;D

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