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Hiya! I'm Matías, a political scientist from Chile, dedicated to understand the intersection between social struggles, political competition and the Welfare State.
I'm also an overall urbanism nerd and a long time beginner Linux user.
Let's see how this works :)

Outside technical contexts, the word "female" is an adjective, not a noun.

Saying that someone is female is normal English. Saying that someone is "a female" is dehumanising.

Don't trust anyone who refers to women as "females".

FOSS boys: phew I finally got my emails working on my phone, it took me a week, involved a soldering iron, and I had to write a patch for a library

Also FOSS boys: people choose the convenience of Apple/Google/Microsoft because they're lazy and stupid, anybody can switch to Arch and PostmarketOS and self-host everything

US pol mentions, not serious 

RANDOM WOMAN IN A COMMUNITY GROUP: Well I think [Republican talking points]

ME: No.

RW: Ugh, this is what happens when you live in a blue state but you identify as a moderate, people don't want to debate you. What about [x]?

ME, tabbing over to her profile: okay, so, your other posts in this group have been about QAnon, how COVID-19 is a hoax, and how much you love the POTUS. You're a moderate how exactly?



Covid news, Africa (+) 

Wow. Comparing these numbers for an *entire continent* to the numbers in the US alone is amazing: "Slightly more than 34,000 deaths have been confirmed on the continent of 1.3 billion people....Africa is doing a lot of things right the rest of the world isn't"

this may be a really bad and wrong take but i straight up think cis men are treated with more respect and grace because they could still potentially be eggs that get cracked and share the same Gender Enlightening Experiences where as trans men (and any trans masculine prople deemed Sufficiently Male) have made a definitive, loud decision to be masculine and enjoy masculinity and people don't know what to do with that

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people of all different sorts sorts of genders and assigned sex, who's discussion of gender and queerness are generally well received, almost Constantly: just a quick reminder that feminity isn't inherently good and masculinity isn't inherently bad. here's a very thought and nuanced post on why thanx
someone literally inevitably: hmmmmmmm........... i suppose i see your point but 🤔 what if masculinity IS inherently bad tho.....

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the US banning WeChat and TikTok makes the most sense if you ignore all the supposed spying and security concerns and understand that the US feels very threatened by China being anything other than the factory for cheap american toys

When China develops its own technology and software this is seen as encroaching on the US's turf, whereas Americans expected China to simply make t-shirts and plastic knick-knacks for pennies for the next 500 years

shitpostear es como aprender lenguaje tecnico para ingenieria o cualquier cosa. saber shitpostear en un idioma no significa que vayas a saber en otro

"what if we had public libraries offer-"

What if we just hired actual social workers & eliminated means testing rather than expecting public librarians/library workers to be social workers, teachers, tech workers, non-profit development managers, healthcare workers, childcare providers And More. What if you funded community centers, rec centers, childcare, internet cafes, public health centers, and More.

We want to do what we can to help but we are already doing so much with less $ every year

"Best Careers for your Myers-Briggs Personality Type"

INTP: Rugged Loners
- Bed Tester
- Human scarecrow
- Viking pillager
- A job where you can be alone because no one likes you

it's finally happened

an older colleague asked me and a postdoc to explain memes, and I referred them to the Star Trek TNG episode "Darmok"

Some people believe that presence/status is obsolete because phones exist. Apart from being an absurd non sequitur, it's also wrong.

Phosphine was JUST detected in the atmosphere of Venus. The only way we know it to occur naturally on Earth is through biological means, via some anaerobic process that isn't fully understood.
The phosphine is almost definitely there though, the discovery is an incredibly without doubt. However, it is only possible through one of two ways, either one, there is unknown bit of photochemistry taking place in the Venusian atmosphere, or two, there are microbes in the Venusian clouds responsible for it.

Life in the clouds is not at all impossible on Earth, plenty of microbes and fungal spores get carried up there, but we have no discovered examples of animals which live their lives entirely aloft, and Venus's surface, where the atmosphere is like being under a kilometer of water and it's hot enough to melt lead, is not conducive for life. My personal bet is that it's just a bit of undiscovered chemistry, but there's only really one way to find out, we gotta go back to Venus!!!

unpopular opinion, Venezuela 

Alright, so let me get this straight:
People are claiming how great the Venezuelan government is while ignoring the voices of the very same Venezuelan people who are fleeing the country because of the terrible conditions?

Just because a government is vaguely aligned with your ideals it doesn’t meant that it’s a good government.

It’s really easy to say how great a country is when you’ve never lived in it.

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