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Hiya! I'm Matías, a political scientist from Chile, dedicated to understand the intersection between social struggles, political competition and the Welfare State.
I'm also an overall urbanism nerd and a long time beginner Linux user.
Let's see how this works :)

women cofounders panel 

me: here's where I work, here's the brief overview of what my startup does, here's how I got here (PhD, transitioned into starting a company).

OTHER PANELISTS: weeeeeeell here's an overview of all my hobbies...

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day jeorb, language, trivia 

Huh. TIL that apparently a "Drogerie" (drug store) is not the same as an "Apotheke" (pharmacy) in Germany, and a Drogerie does not actually sell any drugs or medications. Just, like, toiletries and stuff.

@eldang @JordiGH Nah, evil businessman, but the particular business depends on what English accent

Finally I can use a clever feature of MATE I'd never used before - when a window's maximized, you can remove the window title and close/minimize/maximize buttons from the windows themselves and put them on a system panel. I put mine on the top panel, which is set to auto-hide. If I wanna minimize a window, I move my mouse to where the buttons would be and they appear.

Now pressing F11 doesn't do much of anything 'cause all the top and bottom stuff's already not there.

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liberal economists: the law of supply and demand rules over everything

also liberal economists: why wont people work for 8 bucks an hour?? mods????

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seriously, what is it about endogenous testosterone that can cause people to so thoroughly confuse conversation with competition?

i've fallen into that myself - i can vividly remember one example from two decades ago, hearing this absolute shite coming out of my mouth and going "why?! why am i saying this ridiculous rubbish?"

and yet out it flooded

Why does this highly advanced society still use spears and animals hides and clay pottery? Hm, I guess the director just didn't think things through! It would only make sense that all objects created using natural materials would fall out of favor, much like how in the 21st century US we don't have leather jackets or woolen blankets or furniture made out of wood anymore.

Facebook and twitter 

Wow. Some people are so desperate for facebook that an account with 180+K followers has QTed my post criticizing it and is saying I don't have empathy for folks who rely on FB.

My whole point is that they're exploiting people by making them rely on FB. That's... not good.

El artículo ese de Bloomberg de darle asientos en la ONU a las megacorporaciones (no se detiene con Amazon y Failbook) es peor de lo que pensaba. Es un llamado abierto a abandonar el sistema de Westphalia (el orden internacional basado en Estados-nación) y traer una era donde las corporaciones sean equivalentes o superiores a los gobiernos nacionales.

kwanon, violence 

The mother called the police twice weeks before the murders because she was worried about the mental state of her younger son and the danger he might pose to himself and to his older brother. Good to know cops are useless now as they ever were when it comes to imminent endangering of others lives. The one thing that ostensibly they should be allowed to intervene with.

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kwanon, violence 

So a man in Maryland stole a car from an 83 year old and in the processed killed her. After that he proceeded to drive to his brother's home (who was a pharmacist and was helping to administer covid vaccines) and killed his brother and the brother's wife. This is what, the 4th or 5th multi-murder event that was a kwanon follower? Hell I just read an article yesterday about a mother in France who kidnapped her own child because she believed the state was trying to traffick them.

You can always be better

Don't listen to the internet, you are not doomed, if you have been a bad human, to being a bad human always

You are not your worst days

You are not your worst thoughts

You are not your worst mistakes

You are beautiful and worthy of love, even when you fuck up, and every day after

Be earnest in acknowledging the pain you have caused, be honest in accepting any hurt you have created, know that sometimes you will never be forgiven

and decide to be better

You can always be better 💘

chemistry again, borderline lewd 

"For instance," he said. "I once had to use the toilet, and I didn't think to wash my hands. Imagine a few moments later when, to my horror, I began to feel burning in a sensitive area..."

"Actual burning?" asked a smartass. "You set your junk on fire?"

"No," said the professor, his tone completely flat. "It wasn't pyrophoric."

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