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I'm sending follow requests from the pseudonym account, you might recieve one

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Hiya! I'm Matías, a political scientist from Chile, dedicated to understand the intersection between social struggles, political competition and the Welfare State.
I'm also an overall urbanism nerd and a long time beginner Linux user.
Let's see how this works :)

someone on a youtube comment (!) just said "Simpsons didn't predict the future, we just haven't solved any problems since the 80s"

📄 Are We at Risk of Losing the Current Generation of Climate Researchers to Data Science?

Most recent perspective paper by the


mème, espéranto (français dans la description d’image) 


I feel like critters with antlers, since they fall off and regrow, would go in for a lot of modification.

Getting them drilled and putting jewelry through them with a wild abandon not often seen with body parts that don't fall off and regrow.

Maybe carving intricate shapes into them to symbolize their goals for the upcoming years.


Every talking point of a new 'touch-on-crime' law, the UK's wanting to hand down life sentences to reckless drivers included, sounds an awful lot like:

"Too many lives are tragically wasted and pointlessly destroyed, so we thought we'd tragically waste and pointlessly destroy a few more."
Once upon a time the University of Michigan had a really interesting IT department.

Like many universities at the time, they hired Research Programmers.

Long before my time they even had their own minicomputer operating system called the Michigan Timesharing System.

But, what I'm talking about is during the time of Unix, when everyone got a Unix login to read email and do Unix Things.

Like many other places at the time, they had theme naming for their servers. And the login servers were named after video games. Galaxian, Defender, etc.

People who knew about Unix told others about the finger command, which you could use to see if your friends were online and which building they'd logged in from. It would also show you the terminal they were connected as.

Of course most of the students didn't know that.

They just saw an entry with pts/123 or something similar.

(pts is for pseudo-terminal and, roughly speaking, is a kernel mechanism for things that aren't serial lines to pretend to be.)

But because nobody knew this and because the machines were named after video games, a theory circulated around among some students that 'pts' stood for 'points' and that the computer was somehow assigning you a score based on how good a job you were doing at using it. And so people tried to think up all sorts of ideas of what the 'score' might be correlated to that they'd try to validate.

There's no moral or anything, I just thought that was neat.

MH Discourse, Angry 

Seeing someone show up and start lecturing someone who said they were "Feeling depressed." that 'depressed' is a very serious condition and does not mean simply being unhappy gives me very intense "I'm in the group you think you're protecting and I hate you." feelings.

If someone is in fact actually DEPRESSED with actual depression all you've done is make their life worse.

Second, I know from personal experience that oftentimes people with a serious psychiatric disorder will start to suspect that they don't really have it and they're stealing 'real problems' belonging to someone else, people who SURELY have it worse.

This nonsense is feeding into that.

Thirdly, someone who doesn't have a diagnosis and is just suffering untreated may now get the idea that 'depression' is only a Serious Business term for people that definitely doesn't include them, so obviously they just need to suck it up and deal.

Be quiet and go away.

The world does not need some self-appointed psychiatry term police to go around judging whether people meet whatever criteria to make them entitled to describe their own thoughts and feelings with the terms they know.

i think it's funny that because Chinese calls every alcohol by the same character with different modifiers (beer is wheat酒, wine is grape酒, Chinese distilled liquor is white酒), the west has just decided 酒 means wine and calls every alcohol from China a type of wine.
anyway, turns out "plum wine" isn't wine and isn't made from plums, it's liquor flavored with plums

"To make trees easier to access, I've developed an open-source tool, Treemendous, that I hope will be helpful to other blind students and practitioners. Treemendous allows the user to create and edit trees in an accessible, linear format that should be familiar to screen reader users. Users can also convert trees into LaTeX (Qtree), Graphviz, and png format."

ISIS are terrorists. Period.

Terms like "jihadist" and "Islamic terrorism" are islamophobic dogwhistles.

Stop fucking using them.

The term calque is a loanword from the French noun calque, while the word loanword is a calque of the German noun Lehnwort.

The main problem with Elon Musk is that he distracts us from all the other billionaires who are just as evil as he is but who aren't desperate for daily news coverage like he is.

@alexispurslane also there's this very amusing thing that apparently is a thing that happened.

which like again, Fight Club syndrome, Tyler and Ricky and Heisenberg are by far the most interesting characters and the stories are _theirs_. but Homelander is such a cartoonishly slimy evil fuck to the point of pastiche. I blame the popularity of the other "cool abusive machos" on the writers, but this one is on the fans

who would have thought "twitter but you have to be a computer toucher to run the software" would curate a userbase that's poorly socialized and doesn't understand boundaries and is chemically addicted to being anti social

Yeah I'm a thankie, I thank service and public workers when they do something for me.

a fact that I don't feel like is sufficiently appreciated:

if your ISP doesn't give up #IPv6, #Wireguard does.

wireguard does transparent protocol encapsulation to and from v4 and v6 as needed, without any effort, configuration, or trouble on your part. its combination of speed + security + simplicity makes it ideal for this kind of tunneling, too.

if you wanna do IPv6 stuff and don't have a connection, see if your VPN provides IPv6 or if not change to one that does (I have had a good experience with AirVPN), or ask your support network if someone can lend a wg (I have had a good experience with my girlfriend). Turn the wg interface on, boom! without doing anything you automatically have full-featured, working ipv6.

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