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I'm sending follow requests from the pseudonym account, you might recieve one

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Hiya! I'm Matías, a political scientist from Chile, dedicated to understand the intersection between social struggles, political competition and the Welfare State.
I'm also an overall urbanism nerd and a long time beginner Linux user.
Let's see how this works :)


Adhd vampire and their autistic werewolf girlfriend :blob_cat_innocent:

@noelle jim stephanie sterling has been doing some great coverage (and also provoking this guy into a full-on twitter meltdown by simply existing) of this, truly quality work from them

Also I will say that "gladiator management sim" is a game concept that's infuriatingly very good. It is a good thing I do not know how to program games or else I would be making its competitor. With less bullshit political rants and awful fucking human being-ing, and more historical accuracy.
That's right. If you have a hella famous gladiator, you unlock a new revenue stream: selling the sweat off your hotshot as a key component in lay medicine and as a souvenir for horny rich people!

It comes after the "celebrity endorsement" unlock in that tree, of course

never will not laugh at my reaction to the whole "sea shanty" season on tiktok

because I literally grew up in a sailor town, and one that had been a sailor town since the 1600s.

We learned sea shanties in kindergarten.

It took me until I saw comments that were like "what is this???" to realize that not everyone listens to them casually.

artists: do you prefer to draw your 3/4 faces facing left or right? and are you left or right handed? (sorry ambis, i only get four poll options. feel free to comment)

Okay, fediverse, I'm looking for #art to hang in my office space. 28" x 36" max size, featuring oranges/golds/yellows. Must be safe for work (will be on camera 4-6hrs a day).

I'm a fan of surrealism, abstract expressionism, minimalism, and pop art; was going to just buy a kandinsky or klimt print but thought I'd see what y'all have first. sell me some art (boosts welcome)!

Checking out the #americanpastry tag on Instagram has opened up a whole new world of delight (non-Americans appreciating American culture!!! A French bakery selling carrot cake with cream cheese frosting!!!)

Half a million people reunited on the last day of the Apruebo campaign for a new constitution. Santiago de Chile, September 1st, 2022.

Deleting posts that are too personal is a common thing I do.
The 'oh this is on the internet and many people can see this. Nevermind' realization is just blech

Most likely color of your house in Europe

(via u/Airbizzle33)

It is so wild how Bad therapist access is in most places I've lived. I was in school so able to access one.
But wow now I'm out of school (sorta) I'm having difficulties and then my friends who are on medicaid some have been looking for a therapist that fit their needs for like a year or more.
The mental health access crisis is Rough

One of my old friends is a therapist, and is always balancing being over booked with their own mental health. So everyone is having a bad time.

I'm glad the pioneers of electronic music kept their faith cos that proper early stuff weren't going anywhere at all was it.
Reckon we'll see an other style of music develop so throughorly in our living history?

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I'd say it's even a bit more sinister, but this is short and spiffy.

A poem after it has been run thru Google Translate in 20 different languages:

Save the name New Spring | you are crazy 麦天面面 English and English Language | English and Funny Quotes for Fig | PDF File | save agriculture; July 221; called Thiệu huttài pattern what to say yes, Write in history Posted! I am! the family Recommended Eatu Chudni Chala | is


Hey folks, I am looking for a solid team manager.

I am the hiring manager for this position.

I need someone with a strong belief in DEI, some security experience, and exceptional people skills.

This manager will be managing the best team of ThreatHunters and defenders on earth.

Think a Blue Team with a Spear.

If you are interested, DM me, and we can talk through it.


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