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Hiya! I'm Matías, a political scientist from Chile, dedicated to understand the intersection between social struggles, political competition and the Welfare State.
I'm also an overall urbanism nerd and a long time beginner Linux user.
Let's see how this works :)

Nature is as much the tiger prowling the forests of Siberia as it is the spider wandering across your ceiling, as much the springbok striding the plains as it is the fox walking through city streets at night.

That fox doesn’t see much difference between “nature” and city. So why should we? The only real distinction is the one which we draw in our own minds.

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@porsupah I promise you: every story about 'lost cosmonauts' is a lie. A couple of Oberg's notes about the Judica-Cordiglia brothers:

And some other pieces of his about secret Soviet space disasters. From 1975, and only barely out of date given later knowledge:

And from 1988, again, barely altered by the opening of Soviet archives:

meme involving stages of grief, re: hot take 

isolating zoom on linux (easy) 


Can you please paint The Artist Formerly Known As Prince having a fight with Prince Harry over who is least known as Prince now. In the background we can see the The Queen, and Queen (the band) also fighting over a similar thing.

- Lee Wheeler


This is the flag of Bikini Atoll, whose symbolism essentially means 'fuck the United States.'

As an adult, your brain weighs around 1.4 kg. It's made of around 60% fat.

I have a magic rectangle. One side of it is metal, the other glass. Inside it are crystals of exceptional fineness, metal etched into intricate patterns, and traces of many exotic elements, all from different faraway lands. Symbols appear on the glass, and if touched in the right order, many wondrous and terrible things can happen. Just as often, they do not, and I have to spend an hour working out which part of the ritual I messed up.

Hallöchen is like my favourite German greeting because -chen is a diminutive suffix so it's like "little hello" and I just love that

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Capsaicin doesn't affect birds. Chilli peppers evolved it to stop animals from eating the peppers, so that birds would eat them and "seed bomb" them in random places a little while later. 🌶️ This is also why ripe peppers are bright red, so they'll be easy for birds to see.

One of the earliest known animals to walk on land was a kind of millipede called Pneumodesmus. Its exact age is disputed, but it's believed to have lived 414 million years ago.

The first vertebrate animal believed to have walked on land, a kind of fish named Tiktaalik, didn't evolve until roughly 39 million years later.


Being on the internet is a lot like talking with the fae. Giving your true name will give power over you, and you should be wary of any strangers offering you gifts.

There's a kind of strawberry which looks like someone gave it the wrong colour palette. They're called pineberries, because they taste a bit like pineapple.

@gnome and KDE deepen their commitment to work together and unveil KNOME, a new desktop that brings users the best of both worlds:

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