As we near the 1yr anniversary of Chile's decision to re-write its constitution, join
for a roundtable discussion w/ experts on Chilean politics. Learn how t/ process advancing & what changes we might expect.


SimCity 4, silly, no way to caption the image :( 

A judgemental map of the central zone of my city, which helps a lot to plan ahead while keeping growth natural-looking

No idea why there is people here using trees as profile images, but I guess every day is a good day to spread the gospel of the Schinus Molle, one of the coolest trees ever:

This will be fun because I'm rather different at each social network and in real life, so let's see, what colour do I give off in mastodon?

Update: most of the clouds moved out, now there is just a layer around 3000 metres over sea level, so the tip of the hills appears over them

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I know you will appreciate this: our farmers' market, almost half a kilometre of the most absurdly cheap and diverse produce, in the middle of a dense working class neighbourhood, here twice a week for decades, unfazed by the presence of a nearby chain supermarket, as lively as always.

My only issue with the IPA is the fact that the graphemes are almost fully arbitrary. Cranking on that idea, some years ago I tried to make a set of characters on which the shape corresponds to the sound, but it is incomplete and abandoned by now. Maybe I'll show it here some day...

via @allthingslinguistic

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