@maki @dankwraith *be grateful for what you still have*

Joking aside, I guess that can only endure as long as the students allow it.

@amaral nah, they almost never vote in the evenings. It's quite safe to say that the people that vote at the last minute are the ones that normally wouldn't vote at all but will go for the apparent winner

Thinking about protests 

When let's be honest. Both the actions of MLK and Malcom X (and those who worked with them) were needed to get us to where we are now.

The peaceful protesters talk, make it clear how things could be better, offers a hand of cooperation.

A hand so rarely taken. But it's there. At some level the point is that it was offered and refused.

And thats when the violent actors come in or those same peaceful folks become violent, generally in defense.

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Thinking about protests 

I dunno, maybe it's a bit romanticized, but I do find some strength in the mentality of peaceful protests being stately the carrot with the promise of a stick.

MLK and Malcom X both understood the role the other played (and last I check, histroy showed the two were on good terms).

So consistently the peaceful protests get seen by history as either just part of the violence (looking at recent BLM stuff) or Th Right Ones who weren't violent...

You know, I thought the massive spread of disinformation (mostly through social media) was a relatively new phenomenon, but then I was reminded of the existence of AM radio.

Unpopular opinion: One should never call themselves an expat. Sure, it used to have a specific meaning, but nowadays, its meaning is just "privileged (white) immigrant".

Ever since I moved to Berlin, I made a point to call myself an immigrant, and it was surprising how many low-key racists got confused by that, as they preferred to call white immigrants expats to differentiate that from "the bad ones".

Note, you're not bad for calling yourself an expat, but it's worth a reevaluation.

@amaral assuming that this amounts of people waiting aren't only due to the cumbersome and huge ballots, this should be a very positive sign

@amaral Crazy hot. I had to turn off the phone after loading the photo!

Old lady sitting next to me on the Tube asked why I was carrying a flower, so I explained about Trans Day of Remembrance. She said she didn’t understand why there was so much fuss about trans people now when they’d been around all her life, and she was sorry it had become political :heart_trans:

My city actually has a pretty good system. People who rake push their leaves into the street where they are scooped up by the city and brought to compost. You can also request a shipment of leaves if you want some. I did it one year and mulched all my beds.

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Google is failing me. There's a quote that's been stuck in my head for years - I thought it was someone like Sideshow Bob in Simpsons or Bender in Futurana, but could have been any 90s-00s comedy parodying 90s-00s right-wing politics - but I can't seem to find it:

"I dream of a world where a man can buy alcohol, tobacco and firearms from a drive-through window, and use them all before he gets home"

It was a classic line! How could that just have vanished?

grimes chuckled. 'you mean the apartheid emeralds'

do you miss the experience of twitter where your Likes would randomly show up in other people's streams? even though if you wanted them to see them you'd have retweeted them?

well miss no more! i've written a mastodon bot that will automatically boost a random post that you liked, but haven't boosted! now everyone can see the weird hentai you're into

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@anarchiv how nice that should be. Here, on the other hand, we exchanged the sameness of the last decades for a never-ending electoral cycle, Human Rights crisis, and the certainty that tomorrow some other crazy thing *will* happen.

to be clear, too, he said that the queer dudes he interviewed had definitely experienced "bias incidents", but that said bias incidents largely had to do with being perceived as femme or not "masculine enough".


anyway no one wins.

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