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steam deck, right to repair 

Valve has put out a new video showing a teardown of their new Steam Deck console. The thumbnail literally says "You shouldn't do any of this." The video itself explains the (perfectly valid) reasons why, but also shows how to do it properly if you're gonna do it anyway. They also mention that you can buy replacement parts directly from Valve.

This is honestly a really great stance for a hardware manufacturer to take on the Right to Repair movement. WARN, don't restrict.

See, Apple? Is that so hard?

The BepiColombo spacecraft has returned its first images from Mercury, our solar system's innermost planet:

You know how you make a copy of an important file before editing it? 

You can do that for your entire hard drive. It’s a great way to back up your entire system.

Clonezilla makes it easy.

All you need is one small (~4GB) USB flash drive for a Clonezilla boot drive and another USB drive to store the disk images.

Need an easy-to-use program to make a bootable USB flash drive with the Clonezilla ISO file?

Etcher works well for me:

The thing with using your non-native language is, well, let's take for example my English, it's been 32 years since I started learning English in school, I use it daily both in professional and colloquial contexts, and I've been a professional translator of English for 13 years, and still every day I end up in situations where I'm looking for common words and, not finding them, will use an ill-fitting alternative word.

Like in my earlier toot today, instead of 'gossiping' I used 'rumoring'.

@rusty god I cannot express just how excited I am to be working my way through edits to get there 😭

my friend is defending n her advisor said "if they don't pass you cause your diss ain't perfect they're assholes"
envious of that perspective

Star Wars isn't just space wizards and laser-swords, it's also a morality tale of how the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

By contrast? Star Trek is pointedly not the image of a future we will reach by default, but rather it is a dream of a future that we must fight to reach if we wish to have anything remotely like it for our collective future descendants. (don't believe me? three words: deep space nine.)


Awaiting an odd and inevitable syncretism between the worst part of shitposty twitter anarchism and the right-libertarian sort because one can only ‘do a little trolling’ only up until folks start taking shit as gospel or say they’re your comrades before oop that shiny knife’s coming out

Leftpol, weaponized unreality 

My big concern with the situation of how prolific unreality is in the US political conscience, any positive effects from abolishing the state will be dramatically outpaced by a surplus of people who think that it gives them carte blanche to be outright fucking assholes in 4k because ‘well anarchy means no government and being held accountable means you’re becoming a government :)”

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Leftpol, weaponized unreality 

The problem isn’t principled anarchists realizing that “We need to take care of each other” but the folks who will see “No rules? So I can do what I want” and doubling down on already existing shitty behavior that is protected by privilege granted to them via sociocultural systems as well as protected by socialpolitical systems.

I think of the folks who take great pride in ‘rolling coal’

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@JordiGH @cadadr we have it! (sort of it)
Some shows are dubbed here (famously, Garfield), and even if it's neutral Spanish, some subtleties are evident, as it is that the voices are recognizable from local shows.
Also, some content made here and strongly loaded with localisms have been exported, like 31 Minutos. Mexicans are all about it, and I'm always surprised, because most of the jokes should fly over the head of anyone that doesn't know Chile!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of a badge and a gun must be a bastard.

@JordiGH @cadadr Hombre Araña might sound weird, but is precise, translating it or not is more of a vowel counting exercise ('Hombre Murciélago' is a big no)
Bruno Diaz, on the other hand, is just dumb. You aren't changing the context, so making him Hispanic doesn't work.
And also, "Diaz"? Wayne is a completely unrelated surname. It's not as taking some Jack Smith and making him Diego Herrera, that would make etymological sense at least!

When people talk about travelling to the past, they worry about radically changing the present by doing something small, but barely anyone in the present really thinks that they can radically change the future by doing something small.

@eldang only big things. You also (in theory) have to get a permit to build a house or you'll get a fine, but not to make a community-wide consultation on its effects.

Neighbours can litigate if your house is somehow illegal though. For example, we had to ask our neighbours to allow us to put windows at less of 1 metre away from their houses, and the agreement was that those won't open to the sides.

This can also result on crazy building shapes:

It makes sense that the part of the hand we grab with is the padded part. #arttips

thinking about how every Little Free Library in this town eventually devolves to Clive Cussler and Danielle Steele novels as well as at least three copies of The Secret

consider it neighborhood betterment, I guess: remove the books that no one wants (seriously, there's one in there right now that's a child development book from the 1970s with a title like, "Your Baby and You", no one wants or needs that), make sure to keep it stocked with stuff from the thrift store that people actually fuckin' read, and leave a note to that effect on the library itself that books that don't move organically in 2 weeks are subject to removal bc it's not a dumping ground.

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