Writing up a final report for my three-year fellowship and feeling kind of conflicted.

On the one hand, we didn't actually answer the question we said we were going to answer. This is mostly due to equipment issues, but also my own inexperience.

On the other hand, we actually found something really interesting which had nothing to do with our stated goals. That something just got submitted to a journal.

I'm honestly not sure whether or not this is a success.

@typhora I'm almost certain models of solar winds exist (link to a textbook below). Of course, models can always be improved.


Things I never thought I'd say as a biologist:

"I really wish I understood quantum mechanics better."

@petra if I remeber correctly, wasn't the term Big Bang actually coined by a proponent of Steady State as a pejorative?

Computers are stupid. They only do exactly what you tell them to do.

@okf I love phlogiston theory! Didn't know about Caloric theory.

What's your favorite scientific theory which turned out to be completely wrong?

If I had to choose, I think mine would be the luminiferous aether.


@Von_riebon Not so far as I know. If there is, they have not announced themselves.

@justinpombrio I've seen that review. Like you, it's one of the reasons I picked up the book.

I'm not sure my background, largely cell biology, will help that much. Far as I can tell, this is a difficult book for anyone not named Andy Clark.

"Surfing Uncertainty: Prediction, Action, and the Embodied Mind".

No guarantee I'm going to understand any of this, but it will be fun to try.

A large sea hare I saw yesterday on the beach. Possibly Dolabella auricularia. I uploaded it to iNaturalist to help with identification.

@Reed Those things are the coolest! Though I do have to wonder what they were smoking when they called them 'sea hares'.

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