After using the job-sharing site for a few years, all of a sudden getting contacted by other alums. Looks like being able to work remotely is a perk. Today's the solstice, so it's a good day to check in with yourself, and end the commitments you need to end – maybe by taking a break, or by rotating it on to someone else, or by sunsetting a project.

Most oyster harvesting in parts of West Africa like The Gambia and Ghana is conducted by women, providing a source of income and sustenance. Crassostrea tulipa oysters are euryhaline, living in a wide range of salinities, but as the region becomes more arid due to climate change and freshwater declines, the oysters are subject to persistent saline conditions outside their tolerance. This threatens a traditional way of life and harms food security. #clamfacts

Joplin 2.8 is now available with support for multiple profiles, Mermaid diagram export, Joplin Cloud website publishing and more!

Cut out 20% of my code this morning (530 lines to 418 lines). :BlobCatCoffee:

Update: It was, in fact, figured out.

Followed by fixing a unit mismatch error on a different project today. 😭

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I am "email myself notes on a thread so I can document what we discussed in person" years old today.

I wish there was a better way for me to learn this stuff than constantly being wrong in public.
--Hadley Wickham (in a discussion about efficient expansion of vectors and algorithmic complexity)
R-help July 2012 #RStats

There are many reasons to post a transcript with a video. First, accessibility. Also, skimmability (a word?)—good for anyone who wants to know if it’s going to be worth their time to invest an hour or more in watching an extended recording. Real-time captions don’t help much with that.

Feel like I might have figured something out, might delete later. :BlobCatCoffee:

I've been thinking about why I spent so much time getting carried away by projects with no considerable returns whatsoever. Translation of ancient documents, esoteric geography, speculative linguistics, you name it. Well... they gave me joy is why. Fun is not a good enough reason to do anything. Joy is.

Monday morning thoughts:
👍 "Back to writing up this work I started two months ago."
👎 "Did I even finish this analysis?"

Iink to birdsite thread, climate change 

Neat thread on differences between academic and non-academic conferences.

Hey, what is the software to make groups of users to more easily group discussion or broadcast on the fedi?

this is cool: A mix of experiment and explorative explanations, embedded in the context of and a sprinkle of robust statistics / outlier.

How random are you?

@dantheclamman thought of you when I came across this. Interesting naming quirk!

From the article:

"Although the megalodon is the most widely known as a giant prehistoric shark, I recently learned that Megalodon wi th a capital M is more accurately the genus name of a group of exinct bivalve mollusks that lived from the Devonian to the Jurassic (picture an ordinary-looking clam)."

MS Word gripe 

The web version of MS Word can display comments on the right as well as inline tracked changes.

The desktop version can no longer do this. My brain hurts.

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