More fun publisher surveillance:
Elsevier embeds a hash in the PDF metadata that is *unique for each time a PDF is downloaded*, this is a diff between metadata from two of the same paper. Combined with access timestamps, they can uniquely identify the source of any shared PDFs.

Birdsite RT, job ad 

> Do you want a and teaching job? If yes, please consider coming to work with me. It's not adjunct; it's 3+ year contracts. A 9 month appointment with benefits. Equivalent of 3 courses/semester, no research. Weather in Nola is wonderful!

Is there an alternative to Calibre that can be operated entirely through a web UI or CLI?

Job ad: Assistant Professor of Geology 

If you're interested in to motivated undergrads in a small department, has a great geology program.

You are all heartily encouraged to check out the school/department and apply!


climate, webdev, rant, looking for something else 

I hate my web developer job. No time for unit testing, no time for documentation, no time for creativity or nice algorithms.
Just use whatever trendy JS {front,back}end framework, ship high bandwidth, heavy, soulless sites in no time.
The mere consciousness of it from my colleagues are jokes between two crypto bs talks. The climate catastrophes ahead are literally a joke to them.
I hate that I contribute to this and I want out.

Does anyone here have experience going from this kind of job to a more engineering-focused, ethical one? Tips? Interesting reads? I'd love to hear about it!

Boosts are appreciated!

EERC is hiring! 

Remote work possible. See link below and select department "EERC."

Sr Geomechanics Engineer
Contract/IP OfficerPrincipal Geoscientist - Project Manager
Sr Geoscientist - Project Mgr
Graphic Designer
Environment, Health & Safety Specialist
Regulatory & Permitting Specialist
Principal Geoscientist & Energy Advisor
Senior Regulatory and Permitting Specialist
Senior Research Scientist
Post Doc Research Associate
Research Engineer

I suppose (unless the module is pretty far along at this point) that even plus the ActivityPub module might work as a broadcast platform, but I don't think you can send messages _to_ Wordpress, and I'm not familiar with mapping and moderation modules and how easy they might be to set up.

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I don't think I have the time to roll my own project with something like in .

Please don't let me...

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Something like _might_ work if a custom location field could be added. But the same could be said for pretty much any project, I guess.

I'm surprised that location/address stuff hasn't really been done a lot in yet.

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I have a project in that seems like it should be fairly easy to replicate in the using or modifying existing tools, but I'm not sure which ones. Want to:
- show locations on a webmap ()
- allow other people to submit locations to something like a group, but with moderation
- not require an account on the instance in order to post new locations or otherwise interact

and have bits and pieces of this, but are either more complex or simpler.

Tips for #NewToMastodon people.
If you want people to follow you - or let you follow them - write something as a bio and post a hello. If you've never posted people assume you're fake.
Take a look at both your instance timeline, and the wider "world" timeline. Scroll the most recent 50-100 posts to see if anyone's messages catch your attention - then follow that person.
If you decide after a few days you're not interested, unfollow them and find other people.
Interact - don't just lurk.

Another using the same dataset:

Lu D, Painter SL, Azzolina NA, Burton-Kelly M, Jiang T and Williamson C (2022) Accurate and Rapid Forecasts for Geologic Carbon Storage via Learning-Based Inversion-Free Prediction. Front. Energy Res. 9:752185. doi: 10.3389/fenrg.2021.752185

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Bit of a less-stressful week, getting to work on some projects to clean up a recent report into a manuscript.

**Chemical reactions enhance efficiency of key energy storage method**

"Researchers have uncovered a way to improve the efficiency of a type of grid-scale storage crucial for a global transition toward renewable energy."

#science #news #bot

Hey so I was able to get Permitted and Prohibited Desires & Crypto Wars.

Still waiting on someone who might have

10.4324/9781315582283-18 - A brief history of Dudeism (from Fiction, Invention and Hyper-reality: From popular culture to religion)

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Dear academic conference organizers:

Your conference series needs a website. Its subject matter should be the entire conference series, not a specific year; it should have a durable URL; it should provide an overview of what the conference is about, how it's organized and funded, etc, etc, *as well as* comprehensive archives of the proceedings.

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