New paper! "A simulation study of carbon storage with active reservoir management"

My primary contributions were manipulation of the geologic model (upscaling) and processing simulation results.

View it online here or I can send a PDF on request:

Passing along a opportunity.

> Graduate Assistantship of Freshwater Mussels

> A Graduate to conduct research on the conservation genomics of freshwater mussels is available in the Aquatic Biodiversity & Conservation Laboratory () at Miami University, Oxford, OH. Interested persons should contact David Berg via email ( and include a CV/resume and a description of research interests and experiences.

One Look at a Graph

Anyone here still remember "Webpages that Suck. Learn good design by looking a bad design"?

I often wonder whether we should talk about the dumb claims of the anti-science movement and therewith amplify them. Especially in this cozy rational Fediverse space. But they do provide nice hooks to talk about how to do science right.

In this case how to do statistics right after some fool wrongly claimed Arctic Sea Ice has stabilized.

Eight types of freshwater mussel are in the list. North America has the greatest diversity of freshwater mussels, but also the highest number of endangered species, largely due to pollution and damming of rivers.

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Here's another incentive, from / :
> Energies maintains a rigorous and rapid peer-review process. We understand that you have many demands on your time. Therefore, we offer reviewers who provide comprehensive comments within one week a discount voucher code up to 100 CHF, which can be applied to a future submission to an MDPI journal. The vouchers are valid for up to two years and issued to reviewers before final decision (accept or reject) by the external editor.

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Work Inbox 690...

I wonder when it's worth just dumping messages in the "Other" tab in Outlook?

I didn't know did this. Does this count as being paid to review?

> As a reviewer you are entitled to complimentary access to references, abstracts, and full-text articles on ScienceDirect and Scopus for 30 days.

weird idea, work in progress: (1) get DistilBERT hidden states (768 dimensions) for 768 sentences (of Frankenstein, in this instance) → stack vertically to form a 768x768 square → subtract the column-wise mean, normalize → lil bit of gaussian blur and threshold → "skeletonize" with skimage → "asemic" "writing"?

Our paper lays out a method to answer (1) by combining a semianalytical model (to determine relationship between res. pressure and amount of flow) and a compositional model (detailed CO2 injection simulation). We take the pressure from the detailed model results and estimate the potential flow along hypothetical leakage pathways.

The end result is a map showing the potential leakage volume for every location in the study area, which can be taken to regulators to discuss answers to (2).

This is my exciting work from the last year or so: "Risk-based area of review estimation in overpressured reservoirs to support injection well storage facility permit requirements for CO2 storage projects"

Can be viewed online at

New genus and species identified in for the first time in almost 100 years:

(I'm not involved, but it just sounds neat.)

My new paper on giant clam growth got featured by Nature mag! I'll be writing a longer clamsplainer about it, but we found that modern giant clams in the Northern Red Sea are growing faster than their fossil counterparts. We propose that their growth is being fertilized by nitrate aerosol pollution as well as local long-term climatic changes!

Continued /#introductions.

My educational background is in with a focus on . I've described arthropod exposures, surveyed distribution, and studied localities and . More recent interest in the same vein is toward facies description using description in core.

(trying to use singular rather than plural hashtags is kind of hard in this context!)

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Hello! I'm Matt, a geologist who works on subsurface characterization for storage projects. My work address is in , , USA, but I live across the river.

I plan to toot research from my group and other things related to characterization, but I will CW things that are directly related.

I have a lot of other interests, and will add on to this toot as they come up.

Hello world! I'll do a formal introduction post soon, just getting things set up.

This is my first attempt at a "professional" (and non-anonymous) social media account to share what I'm working on.

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