I have a project in that seems like it should be fairly easy to replicate in the using or modifying existing tools, but I'm not sure which ones. Want to:
- show locations on a webmap ()
- allow other people to submit locations to something like a group, but with moderation
- not require an account on the instance in order to post new locations or otherwise interact

and have bits and pieces of this, but are either more complex or simpler.

Something like _might_ work if a custom location field could be added. But the same could be said for pretty much any project, I guess.

I'm surprised that location/address stuff hasn't really been done a lot in yet.

I don't think I have the time to roll my own project with something like github.com/dsblank/activitypub in .

Please don't let me...

I suppose (unless the module is pretty far along at this point) that even plus the ActivityPub module might work as a broadcast platform, but I don't think you can send messages _to_ Wordpress, and I'm not familiar with mapping and moderation modules and how easy they might be to set up.

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