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ok when you quote something in a language with different typographic rules regarding quotes, how do you type the enclosing quotes? :thaenkin:

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The "Museum of the Bible" is run by rich white American evangelicals, whom we should expect to be completely amoral, and so we shouldn't be surprised that it trafficks in stolen cultural treasures.

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"... we discovered that some papers were highly cited because there was a flaw in them! A lot of papers identified the error in the paper, but it was still listed as a citation! That's one of the reasons I insist that a high number of citations is not a proof of excellent scientific quality"
- Professor #NilsStenseth, University of Oslo

anyone else get unreasonably irritated by portrayal of "cavemen" with their teeth covered in plaque?

these people had no job, no stress, nothing to do all day
they could chew on a stick after dinner to clean their teeth you uncultured Hollywood slob!

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Bless those who update Sci-Hub's urls on Wikipedia for theirs is the kingdom of science.

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How do you handle research notebooks (work logs, etc) and changing jobs?

With regard to choice 4: Personal notebook meaning interesting, non-proprietary details for professional development.

Please comment about success, or other options.

Please boost for more perspectives.

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Trying to send an article I wrote a while back to a journal so it might have a more official home. The journal recommended to me wants at least 5 different "suggested reviewers" before their web form will even process the submission. Do I even know 5 people? I don't remember.

German → English transformations 

i realized that "Gestern" → "yesterday" is the same transformation as "Ge(h)l(b)" → "yellow"

are there other such easy examples for "g" → "y"?

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Seriously, whenever I bring up some of the actual, real-life, terrible things that have happened because of naive plans to do Open Science without thinking through some of the bad things, I get dismissed, usually because

"Oh that only happens if you have some really malicious, bad actors in science"

And honeymuffin

I don't know what to tell you

The reason you wanted Open Science in the first place was because not everyone in science can be believed when they say "no it's okay just trust me"

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@anelki @dbs

a decent amount of journals allow open reviews (PLOS, for instance)

ScienceOpen is a commercial platform to do post-publication peer review

Can use on preprints hosted on the OSF to do a sort of peer review

Overlay journals (like the Idealis for LIS) bascially collect existing OA articles and curate them with some peer review for an "issue"

academic publishing and peer review questions 

are there any academic publishing platforms out there where the peer review process is as transparent and extensible as it is on github & friends?

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I have a double/triple consciousness when reading Chinese characters these days. I'd remember the letter's Mandarin pronunciation (物, pronounced wu with a falling intonation, means "thing" or "object"), the Korean hanja pronunciation ("mul" in Korean), and now also its usage in ancient and medieval Korean documents ("kasi," Korean for "thing," which can mean an actual thing or a sound representing mountains, peaks, capes/points, or lords/masters).

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pandemic, supply chain theory and practice 

Link: What Is Happening to Supply Chains

"We are in the Beer Game.

And what the Beer Game teaches us is that the supply chain will start showing massive fluctuations. There will be shortages and then gluts, in repeating cycles.

This is not because people are hoarding. This is not because of fickle consumer demand. This is not because of consumers doing anything wrong. Supply chains being massively disrupted doesn't require any of these things."

i wonder how many / which autoimmune diseases used to be to be labelled "psychosomatic"

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People who understand deductive logic have a duty to point out Montaigne's wheel, and how a deduced conclusion can't be better (in fact must necessarily be worse) than the premises, in terms of reliability.

All that banter among logisticians about looking at inferences rather than premises is very harmful for people who are only just learning about logic.

Because in most cases, it's all about the premises being false. Starting with vetting the premises is always the best option in reality

my partner showed me a tiktik, where a person makes fun of Swedish ö for island

turns out those words are directly related, and while the romance "insula", it's actually not clear where that word originally comes from!

(my partner and i have very different ideas of entertainment)

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you are all nerds and it is because you don't dance

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I literally cannot wait to dig into this!! It's what I've been wanting!

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