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Apparently emoji shorthands can't be inflected.

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does anyone have papers whether high E2 can actually convert over to androgens? i've heard this as an excuse to keep E2 doses/levels low from doctors, but afaict this doesn't actually really happen? there's no pathway i can find that would do this and i can't think of why crossregulation like that would occur, especially if high E2 with low E2:E1 ratio is pushing down FSH/LH

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Oh, ist futsch. Also muss ich meine Studis ab sofort darauf hinweise, dass sie auf gar keinen Fall benutzen dürfen.

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Looking for a Job / Contract again :boost_ok:​ 

Hey folks, it's that time again!

i'm looking for a job / contract as #DevOps… engineer.
my CV is on my website:

my main skills can be summarized as #infrastructure and #OpenSource (and security)

i'd be very happy to hear about any leads!

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is there a german word for liking an artist who eventually becomes problematic and having to not like their art anymore?

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Deaf people, do you prefer a video not made originally in sign language have subtitles or an interpreter, or something else? :boost_ok:

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transphobia by Very Rational People 

I found this dissection of Jesse Singal's deceptive practices interesting for reasons that won't fit into this text box: "Looping Effects and the Science of the Trans Experience"

"Take, for instance, an example near and dear to my own heart: the average trans person does not make for a good research subject. We have the bad habit of reading what's written about us and acting on that information when we talk to doctors. Even the rawest data is already corrupted before you can even run a decent regression analysis on it."

And a follow-up:

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publishers sue the Internet Archive

As a scientist and teacher, I will not write or peer-review for any journal from these publishers, nor will I use their books in my classroom, because their emotionally immature stunt risks the collective memory of the Internet.

Whether or not the "National Emergency Library" is ultimately a reasonable idea, there are good ways and bad ways to approach the issue, and Hachette, HarperCollins, Wiley and Penguin Random House have chosen a bad one. For two decades, scholars have been asking, "What value do publishers actually add?" Answers vary, but a bitter "not bloody much" is prominent among them. Undermining our social and technical infrastructure in a time of global crisis only gives that view more weight.

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ok when you quote something in a language with different typographic rules regarding quotes, how do you type the enclosing quotes? :thaenkin:

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The "Museum of the Bible" is run by rich white American evangelicals, whom we should expect to be completely amoral, and so we shouldn't be surprised that it trafficks in stolen cultural treasures.

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"... we discovered that some papers were highly cited because there was a flaw in them! A lot of papers identified the error in the paper, but it was still listed as a citation! That's one of the reasons I insist that a high number of citations is not a proof of excellent scientific quality"
- Professor #NilsStenseth, University of Oslo

anyone else get unreasonably irritated by portrayal of "cavemen" with their teeth covered in plaque?

these people had no job, no stress, nothing to do all day
they could chew on a stick after dinner to clean their teeth you uncultured Hollywood slob!

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Bless those who update Sci-Hub's urls on Wikipedia for theirs is the kingdom of science.

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How do you handle research notebooks (work logs, etc) and changing jobs?

With regard to choice 4: Personal notebook meaning interesting, non-proprietary details for professional development.

Please comment about success, or other options.

Please boost for more perspectives.

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Trying to send an article I wrote a while back to a journal so it might have a more official home. The journal recommended to me wants at least 5 different "suggested reviewers" before their web form will even process the submission. Do I even know 5 people? I don't remember.

German → English transformations 

i realized that "Gestern" → "yesterday" is the same transformation as "Ge(h)l(b)" → "yellow"

are there other such easy examples for "g" → "y"?

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Seriously, whenever I bring up some of the actual, real-life, terrible things that have happened because of naive plans to do Open Science without thinking through some of the bad things, I get dismissed, usually because

"Oh that only happens if you have some really malicious, bad actors in science"

And honeymuffin

I don't know what to tell you

The reason you wanted Open Science in the first place was because not everyone in science can be believed when they say "no it's okay just trust me"

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@anelki @dbs

a decent amount of journals allow open reviews (PLOS, for instance)

ScienceOpen is a commercial platform to do post-publication peer review

Can use on preprints hosted on the OSF to do a sort of peer review

Overlay journals (like the Idealis for LIS) bascially collect existing OA articles and curate them with some peer review for an "issue"

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