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The B in BMI stands for Bullshit 

every single paper on weight (gain, loss, obesity, anorexia, etc) these days has to lead with: "The authors are aware that BMI is problematic*, however it was the only data available for our study."

if it doesn't, you can immediately discard it.

unless, of course, they somehow managed to measure their own data! (but who *does* that??)

*racist, sexist, useless for "edge-cases"

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you go to school to study "the brain" and then the next thing you know you're learning how to debug surveillance in PDF rendering to understand how publishers have so contorted the practice of science for profit. how can there be "normal science" when this is normal?

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**Undiagnosed autistic traits common among youths with substance use disorders, study finds**

"An estimated 20 percent of teens and young adults who seek treatment for addiction may have previously unrecognized social impairment characteristics of an autism spectrum disorder, a new study finds."

#science #news #bot

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Somebody did a science. And I think all of you should see.

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Further down the rabbit hole, other truths about the nature of the truth, like the Backfire Effect, may also turn out not to be true:

> It may be that the internet does not divide us, that facts don’t make us dumber than we were before, and that debunking doesn’t really lead to further bunk.

> In fact, it may be time that we gave up on the truth-y notion that we’re living in a post-truth age. In fact, it may be time that we debunked the whole idea.……
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> This means that "you see DK all the time in real life"... isn't actually evidence that DK is a real cognitive bias. You're much more likely to remember the overconfident idiots you meet than the humble ones.

The real cognitive bias was the selective perception of a cognitive bias in the incompetent friends we made along the way.…
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Context: The Dunning-Kruger effect may in fact not be real; It looks like the convincing graphs in the original work are actually a statistical artifact.

A greater study shows that people have a normal curve of under- or overestimating their ability.

The only thing real in the original paper may be that Cornell University undergraduates across the board overestimate their skills, on average.…

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> yes welcome to the Dunning-Kruger paradox, wherein when first learning of it you're confident in its existence, but when discovering more research on it question its existence, thereby in a sense proving its existence.…

re: The parallels between Cholera and Covid 

also, TIL: Clausewitz died of Cholera:

"This most famous Prussian didn't die on the battlefield confronting Napoleon, or even while repressing the peasants on his estate."

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from twitter: The parallels between Cholera and Covid 

This thread is very interesting

but what's most disturbing aside from the parallels from the far away past is:

"We are currently in the midst of the seventh cholera pandemic."

"Cholera pandemics are now relegated to only the poorest and most exploited nations, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. This disease of the poor has become a disease of the global poor."

anyone else got that problem while reading anything anthropology related is made almost impossible due to this background voice in your head that's just screeching "This Is Racist!" on repeat?

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Yall, brag and rb about my print shop if you're stateside so i can buy some winter boots please

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❓ Question 1: Do you type URLs into the browser's address bar frequently? (say, a few times per month)

❓ Question 2: Would your peers describe you as a "computer/tech person" rather than the opposite?

🔁 Boosts welcome, to reach "tech persons" and "non tech persons" alike. 😉

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My paper is a perfect example of Theseus' ship ....the shape is still the same, but nothing from the original version is still there 😅 🤦‍♀️ pondering if I can write a paper on the state of the paper...a meta-paper...

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English rant, food mention 

Funny that the language that has a different name for the fingers of the hands and feet or for the turtles of the land and sea calls every non-fleshy, non-leafy edible plant a "bean"

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ich beantworte die Fragen meiner Tochter 

"was ist dem Kopf?"

das Gehirn. Das ist ein komisches Stück Fleisch mit Chemikalien und Elektrizität, dass Denken macht.

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Actually Koko could talk; you just have some hidden ableism – A Response to Soup Emporium’s “Why Koko couldn’t talk (sorry)|The Deep Dive”
by Inappropriate Opossum on September 20, 2021

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techbro reinvents volapük while writing a text editor manual 

@Vierkantor he says in the same document "It can be hoped that in the foreseeable future every non-alphabetic language will develop a method of romanization."

Imagine reading that while your native language is Chinese, Japanese or Korean, AFTER what Unicode did to those languages.

Unicode already *is* the western-slanted compromise foisted on the rest of the world.

Climate Change and it's political denial vs Pandemic(s) 

a fun aspect of climate change we *can* predict is that so called Institutes of Tropical Medicine, which is an interesting (racist) way of saying: we deal with Infectious Diseases, will see their are of expertise expand farther North and West.

So i really hope that all those people who are looking forward to seeing vineyards in Scotland are also prepared to catching malaria in Italy

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Climate Change and it's political denial 

What's really interesting, or baffling to me about the complete lack of action from any political body that could steer change (i.e.: every industrial power) is that it's "relatively easy" to deal with predictable change.

But what we are facing is *unpredictable* change.
That's really, really difficult to plan for.

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