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The B in BMI stands for Bullshit 

every single paper on weight (gain, loss, obesity, anorexia, etc) these days has to lead with: "The authors are aware that BMI is problematic*, however it was the only data available for our study."

if it doesn't, you can immediately discard it.

unless, of course, they somehow managed to measure their own data! (but who *does* that??)

*racist, sexist, useless for "edge-cases"

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the funny thing about loanwords is that we never give them back

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Ottoman Turkish is an endangered language spoken only by 8 men.

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asked my mother, and she says it's the now rarely used "bujrum"

but i can't find any etymology to it:

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Habe ich schon erzählt, wie in Passau anscheinend der Semesterbeitrag erhöht wurde, um Zoom Lizenzen zu kaufen? 🤔

Hab das gestern Abend erfahren und war beeindruckt. Da hat die Uni während Corona eh schon weniger Ausgaben für Feierlichkeiten etc und denkt sich dann "ach komm, da holen wir uns noch ein paar Euros mehr von den Studenten und werfen sie einer zweifelhaften US Firma in den Rachen."

Man hätte sich ja auch mit anderen Unis zusammenschl. und BBB oder Jitsi Meet aufsetzen können... 😑

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lol science 

"We analyzed all articles from 333 #OpenAccess journals published during January 2019 by BioMed Central… The most frequent DAS category (42%) indicated that the datasets are available on reasonable request. Among 1792 manuscripts in which DAS indicated that authors are willing to share their data, 1670 (93%) authors either did not respond or declined to share their data with us. Among 254 (14%) of 1792 authors who responded to our query for data sharing, only 122 (6.8%) provided the requested data."

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the form-over-function style of education.

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🔍 phd life in $country

results: how to apply for a phd in $country

no duck duck goblin, I don't want the sad parts, I want the fun parts

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6 minute "Mini Lecture" by Kelly Wright of U Michigan on "How does a Bad word become Bad?"

I like this one: slurs seem to have very stable meanings, whereas insults come and go.

Words that are connected to stuff we ideologically dislike, like mental health issues, over time become insults or slurs again and again, because the discriminating ideology that makes their referents disagreeable does not change with a new lexeme.

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Today I have a summer research student starting and I'm going to have to let her in on the (somewhat embarrassing) secret that Fortran is still one of the fastest languages out there for what we need to do, then have her install a fortran compiler. Welcome to the future, student!

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Talking about language, anyone here who knows Arabic could give me some quick help with a post from a discord server I help moderate?

every now and then when i look at installing fonts, i get a result like:

% apt-cache search Scheherazade
> fonts-sil-scheherazade - smart Unicode font for Arabic

and all i can think of is: Go to hell, SIL.

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why is it a rule that *no* papers that have been published in a journal can be uploaded to ? I feel like we should be able to issue arbitrarily many versions of things that we write, but that might also be bc i think the whole system should be burned in a fire.

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random quote, gender 

”Ultimately, the goal of research on s/g brain difference is not to predict whether individuals are male or male (there are much easier ways to do this),”

buuuuuurn :D

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scientific ableism, autism related 

I'm the main organizer when it comes to communication and tech of our local autistic community. So I get a lot of e-mails.

It's mostly autistic people or relatives looking for resources and help or who want to join our meetings.

And then there are researchers of every possible kind and level.

I've been doing this for about 9 years now and I can tell you one thing. They NEVER approach us before they start their projects. They never even waste a single thought about participation or what their research could give back to the community.

They always want one thing: access to research subjects. (I prefer objects, actually. It's just more honest).

There was only one project in all those years where autistic researchers and community were involved from the start and they were actually looking into something that could benefit us and not only their neurotypical curiosity.

Now I got another request. It's about "Dating" and "relationships" and it's just awful. They are not even doing the science part right in this one. So yes, I get protective. I only have to decide if I want to confront them or just ignore it because it's not worth my time and energy. I don't have much of that anyway.

Just stop studying us like that for fucks sake

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Chinese scientists in U.S. haunted by targeted prosecutions

«The latest bout was triggered when he received an email from a Chinese student [saying thank you.]

"I don't know this student, and I jumped up, I said, 'When did I help this student?'" Chen told Nikkei Asia. "I became very worried, because the U.S. government could misinterpret these kinds of emails and say I'm associated with the Chinese government."

"The fear, I cannot get rid of," he said.»

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