The B in BMI stands for Bullshit 

every single paper on weight (gain, loss, obesity, anorexia, etc) these days has to lead with: "The authors are aware that BMI is problematic*, however it was the only data available for our study."

if it doesn't, you can immediately discard it.

unless, of course, they somehow managed to measure their own data! (but who *does* that??)

*racist, sexist, useless for "edge-cases"

The B in BMI stands for Bullshit 

@meena @courtney The more I dig into “nutrition science” the more I think it’s a sandcastle of a science and the more I wonder why we don’t just throw the whole thing out because the foundation is so bad?

I think “food calories” are the last bastion of Phlogiston Theory in any science. The more you dig into where we get calorie numbers the more studies you find that just borrow numbers from other papers…

The B in BMI stands for Bullshit 

@meena @courtney If you follow the chains long enough it is AMAZING how many calorie numbers (and BMI numbers) come from experiments designed at Kellogg’s Wellville where they confused weird morality like anti-masturbation with ethics (and lacked them).

Most of the replication studies for those numbers that make them so “sound” were done by German scientists in the 1930s/1940s, who had worse ethics, for obvious reasons.

The B in BMI stands for Bullshit 

@meena @courtney Other sciences are rightfully being very worried about the replication crisis from data science things like p-hacking, but it amazes me we treat “nutrition science” like its valid but no one wants to talk about replication crisis that so much of the “science” was done by religious cultists and Nazis and replication attempts today have very real concerns about court dates at The Hague if attempted.

The B in BMI stands for Bullshit 

@meena @courtney Sorry for the rant; “CICO” discussions lead me into looking up some dark things and Calorie counts make no sense and BMI is almost entirely wrong and there’s an entire industry of charging people for bad advice based on this “good” science and it feels like a massive conspiracy of dunces that believe food contains heat particles and you just need to eat fewer of them than you burn as a spherical ideal furnace. 🙄

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