bless-ed moms day. my oldest is playing with a various things in the blender and my youngest has several styrofoam packing pieces, an impact drill, hammer and mallet on a wood board base on the patio.

i am listening to a good book and enjoying the buzz of early morning drinking

later i look forward to lots of water, pizza and an afternoon nap.

i am living the dream. : )

dear team,

it’s weird and clunking and suggests that actual humans are decision makers.


so very much. cynicism has been my companion for so long i doubted your existence. thank you for your contribution to a system of humans.

: )

🔬Bonnie L. Bassler
Molecular biologist. She researched chemical communication between bacteria, also called ‘quorum sensing’.

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🧬Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier.
Nobel Prize in Chemistry for developing precise DNA-editing technology, CRISPR.

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I’m doing a project featuring little-known women of science as a part of my studies as a lab technician.
I’ll be drawing some portraits and illustrating the research and discoveries of some interesting scientists✨

Let’s start!

🧬Nettie Stevens. American geneticist who discovered chromosomes X/Y by studying Mealworms (Tenebrio molitor)

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parenting as nerd is hard. sometime i think about how my kids’ live would be simpler if i embraced ignorance and reified the dominate paradigm instead of modeling a life of challenging assumptions and verifying data with citations (giving credirt where credit is due).


their lives are harder because i’m an academic. i value phd candidate status. i revel in it. i don’t want the phd. i know what it takes to cross that line in my dept and refuse to sell my name to the funder’s goals.

and yes, i’m sitting my car drinking, listening to my favorite music and eating delicious fast food while my kids sleep in.

i did let my mom know i’m grateful for her suffering. and you should too.

To all who celebrate:

May the fourth be with you.

resist rebel rebuild

thinking of a design mentor’s words “you are not your user”. he taught heuristics, both structured navel gazing and collaborative user feedback (based in the early scandinavian labor movement before transitioning to interactive speculative fiction models)… as i cuddle up w/my kiddo sipping coffee and imagining i was a more ideal parent w/a lifestyle of drinking green tea. i want to be one of my users (anticolonial) and help build our way to the better use case (solidarity). and drink more tea.

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