hallöchen! I’m a Brazilian trans woman living in Germany working on Japanese dialectal fieldwork (long story). Interests include fantasy fiction, imaginary languages, free software, comic books, intersectional veganism, cute cuddly things, and supporting anticapitalist revolutions to bring down the whole rotten edifice :HeartTrans:

@melissaboiko That is a heck of a hook to make me want to hear that story! Welcome!

@sashakovich sorry, it’s not that interesting 😅 back when I still thought I wanted to live in Japan, I finished a 2nd bachelor’s and a master’s in J. studies. I put a lot of effort into it, in order to apply for a J. govt scholarship.

My proposal was to help document endangered dialects (urgent work), and use the results to better understand the history of Japanese phonetics. I thought I was doing good, great grades etc. and had high chances of being selected. (cont)

@sashakovich I was wrong. I was rejected, twice. I had about given up on a PhD, and was preparing myself to work as a translator or s/t.

Later an insider told me that the reason I was rejected is that I am divorced with children. :yikes:

Meanwhile a friend who had gotten the J. scholarship was thoroughly burned out with J. academic culture and wanted out. Looking for jobs in Europe he found this German project to document Japanese dialects in order to better reconstruct historical phonetics.

@sashakovich friend was like ‘hey isn’t this pretty much literally what you proposed to do’? It was. I emailed the professor attaching my CV and rejected proposals. She interviewed me online and hired me pretty much on the spot. So I somehow ended up coming from Brazil to Germany to document Japanese dialects with a Dutch professor.

Looking back I dodged a bullet—Germany is much better for trans ppl and she’s about the best advisor one could hope for. I hope to stay here for good. That’s it :)

@melissaboiko that’s still a hell of a journey! Very glad to hear you’re doing work you enjoy in a place that welcomes you.

@melissaboiko I need to re-read this a few times but I love it.❤️

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