dark #fantasy #review: 《 The Fifth Season 》, N K Jemisin 

The world isn't postapocalyptic but adapocalyptic: people are always preparing for recurring geological cataclysms. Some people have an innate ability to sense and alter the forces of Earth. They can stifle a continent-wide quake... or cause one. These people are feared, killed, or kept under total subjugation.

All main characters are black women. Fresh narrative style, Hugo winner. Looking forward to the rest of the trilogy!

dark #fantasy #review: 《 The Fifth Season 》, N K Jemisin 

@melissaboiko I envy a newcomer to those books!

dark #fantasy #review: 《 The Fifth Season 》, N K Jemisin 

@naga forgot to say that I'm listening to the audiobooks and Robin Miles’ narration is spectacular \o/ her tone fits the narrators’ perfectly and she’s very good at changing verbal mannerisms to mark distinct characters.

dark #fantasy #review: 《 The Fifth Season 》, N K Jemisin 

@melissaboiko @naga yes I just listened to them this year and it was so good!!!

no spoilers review: 《 Broken Earth 》 trilogy, N K Jemisin 

having finished all 3, I think what I like most in this series (other than protag being middle-aged black mother) is the notion of evil.

Tolkien’s evil is Catholic: it comes from sin, transgression of the divine law, even with good intentions. Standard fantasy lit degrades that to evil = individual cruelty.

In Jemisin the antagonist is systems of oppression, and the way this is explored in detail is magnificent.

#fantasy #review #books

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