I am doing a gig at like data entry/selection from Japanese dialectal dictionaries, v slow lexi work. (I'm getting fluent at typing IPA in X-SAMPA, for these phones at least).

At some point I realised I could optimise the workflow if I reordered the items in the order the reference uses. This required me to code a python script to normalise-decompose the diacritics to remove accent marks from rōmaji, expand macrons, and kanafy (kinṓ → kinō → kinou → きのう)


I always feel a little bit guilty when I stop the ‘main’ work to do things like this. Granted, I think in many cases I can lose the focus optimising some detail of no import, as a form of avoidance. But my guilt is generally misplaced; whenever you're doing a repetitive task, investing to improve the process usually pays off richly.

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