linguistics meme, silly 

@melissaboiko This, but with sentence-final “ne” in Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese.

re: another linguistics meme, silly 

@melissaboiko @skalyan oh, we also have this in NRW sometimes.. rarely, but those people exist :catChamp:

re: another linguistics meme, silly 

@nikita @skalyan yeah I wasn't sure how to describe this distribution in words, but it seems to pop up everywhere north of the Weißwurstäquator, and more often to the west than east

re: another linguistics meme, silly 

@melissaboiko @skalyan weißwurstäquator is a nice word to describe this

re: another linguistics meme, silly 

@melissaboiko @skalyan I don't know right now if it's used more in Rheinland or in Ruhrgebiet, but enough to be documented in german wikipedia:

> …, ne? (zum Beispiel in Köln und Eschweiler, aber auch im rheinischen Teil des Ruhrgebiets (Essen, Duisburg))

another linguistics meme, silly 

@melissaboiko Also some varieties of Italian, I just remembered (I heard about this from a native of Ancona, but don’t remember if she was describing her hometown dialect or a different one).

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