set up a raspberry pi 4 to automatedly backup my work laptop, itself, my research server, and the latter’s databases :BlobCatCoffee:

also running a masto (glitch-soc) instance there just for kicks :MastodonOops:

@ashwinvis the standard case is inviable IMO. it's regularly at >70°C here and hitting 85 with intense computation. a well-ventilated custom case and a fan are necessary additions.

@ashwinvis for the record, consistently <60° with the pibow case + fan, even with a cpu stress test. during normal operation it's not even turning on the fan.

That's great. So you bought a fan separately? I am thinking of buying 4 as backup.

I have a RPI 3B+ with the official case. One thing I learned to avoid is putting it under sunlight which throttles its performance quickly 😅. It's fine for small applications (Wallabag, Pihole etc) but not fast enough for Nextcloud.

@ashwinvis yeah I consider the fan and open case practically necessary additional purchases (along with the power supply and SD card, the price hikes up a tad). I'm using the Pimoroni Fan Shim with the Pibow case.

tech, raspberry pi server temp 

@ashwinvis doing some compiling. the default threshold for the fan to kick in is 65°C =)

@melissaboiko 1. that is a really cool setup, 2. once i've got myself settled post-job market (if that happens) i want to learn to turn a raspberry pi into my backup.

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