certainly not the same as going in person but I appreciate the effort they put into it 😌

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German, pol, AfD, facepalm 

today in the trans agenda:
force fem driving lanes 😈

while I wasn't looking android added IPA support at last!

unfortunately what I thought was a poorly rendered tie bar was actually the prosodic symbol for connected speech. sorry 🙏

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one case of a word where an ‹ue› ortho sequence isn't umlauted: ‚Auerochse‘ ([a‿u] is a diphthong).

interestingly, the English word is from German; the native English is ūr, and the German is a compound, an ūr-ox. even more interestingly, the Old/Middle High German orthographies, ūrohso>ūrochse, don't have the -e-, and ‚Aurochs‘ is an ‘obsolete form’ already in New HG. ū>au is a regular change but did the -e- just pop up the other day? :BlobCatSurprised:

dialectology, mouth noises 

while working with fieldwork recordings, I play old videogame soundtracks in the background. gf saw this and said "your remixes are really weird."

German language change 

I bet by the time I finally get a handle on the the three (!) imperatives they will be gone >.>

science sillypost 

every time when you finish inputting new data and rerun your models

(source + extra panel: tapas.io/episode/1722940 )

me on day N: I wish I did more stuff with .

me on day N+2: get an email from Kurdistán Solidaridad regarding the «Defendamos la vida en Rojava en tiempo de Covid-19» initiative, asking me questions regarding my signature, all in Spanish.

A timely video class is taking place every Monday! Def gonna check this out.

learning :

girl, ergative languages are such a trip :D

and how do they manage to juggle accusative alignment in the present tense and ergativity in the past :D

have a nice Sunday! today I bring to you the intensely white male energy of this outraged footnote from my 19th century German textbook (Worman's « Complete German Grammar »).

done with this lexi gig ♪

things learned by accident:

- there isn't too much consistency in Tōhoku prenasalisation

- Akita ppl love to put the diminutive (-kko) *everywhere*
- Including manako, so if the etym. me-no-ko is correct, that would be me-no-ko-kko

- Akiyama has aomu 'to green' which totally should be a thing in SJ

- 'to fall' = ton-suru in Akiyama babytalk

- Akiyama ~doesn't~ have 13124 words for snow

- Akita danjagunja = stubborn

food photo, linguistics sillypost 

voiceless uvular fricative Marmorkuchen

trans issues, academia 

want to keep a trans researcher happy? call us by name. call us by our full names, not a gender-neutral abbreviation, not a family name. and let us change our logins, emails and such.

it took a long time for me to convince . At first they flat-out refused, saying a legal name change is required (despite me explaining the impossiblity of that as a Brazilian immigrant). in the end the Ergänzungsausweis came to the rescue.

things I love about German 

warum, wieso, weshalb, weswegen, maybe also wozu, wofür

in the modern world, museum exhibits often frame art in harsh, clinical, all-white surroundings whose ‘neutrality’ is too seldomly discussed (see Batchelor, « Chromophobia » for more; compare the Japanese tea ceremony for a radically different approach to appreciating art objects).

at the Ruhr-Universität, our dystopic nightmare of a beautiful Brutalist library provides quite another atmosphere to the colourful paintings in this corridor.

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