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pessoas do br: pfv votem na petição do Senado para documentos com gênero neutro! ajudem nosses irmães nb, é super rápido só logar. tb dá um boost ae pra divulgar :boost_ok: :heart_nb:

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When I studied Latin and Ancient Greek, I was taught that they each had three genders.

So I was fascinated to read these ten quotes about how the Romans and the Greeks didn’t necessarily think so themselves. #linguistics

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in the modern world, museum exhibits often frame art in harsh, clinical, all-white surroundings whose ‘neutrality’ is too seldomly discussed (see Batchelor, « Chromophobia » for more; compare the Japanese tea ceremony for a radically different approach to appreciating art objects).

at the Ruhr-Universität, our dystopic nightmare of a beautiful Brutalist library provides quite another atmosphere to the colourful paintings in this corridor.

Git is planning to switch to SHA-256 soon. This is all great news, but the best thing is the command to convert an existing repo to the new hash. It reads like a shitpost and gets better with each argument:

git convert-repo --to-hash=sha-256 --frobnicate-blobs --climb-subtrees --liability-waiver=none --use-shovels --carbon-offsets


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it's been a long time since I've done an academic thing just for the sake of it. it was my favourite part of being an undergrad.

I've applied to a summer school on Japanese palæography in the UK. it seems rad, you even get to practice with a calligraphy teacher to grok how the manuscripts are written. (in undergrad I've brushed with Latin palæog., & East Asian calligraphy, just because).

But the course is pretty long, & even if approved I'm not sure if I'll get funding for so many days...

Hey fellow grad students

taking a weekend for a weekend is good.

<del>Columbus</del> <del>Thorfinn Kárlsefni</del> <ins>a few monkeys on a raft</ins>

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